Eating Korean

Seafood Stew

For my first post I thought that I would feature some of the new foods that I have been trying over the past year.  I have been living and teaching in South Korea with my husband for almost a year now.  Living in this wonderful country enables me to enjoy delicious Korean cuisine on a daily basis.  I have come to love and crave Korean food.  Korean food consists of a lot of fresh vegetables, noodle and rice dishes, along with many side dishes; where the shining star is always kimchi (a spicy fermented cabbage).

Korean sidedishes

This is an example of some of the wonderful side dishes that come along with most meals.  The bonus is that they are included in the price of the meal and you can always ask for refills! In this shot there is some garlicky sesame leaves, marinated cucumber, some mushrooms and hot peppers, spicy cabbage, dried squid and kimchi.

Enjoying Doen-jang jijae

One of the best meals by far! So many fresh veggies, clams, oysters, tofu in a spicy soybean paste broth.  Yum!

I will continue to feature the various foods that I have come to love, along with some pics of South Korea, my school/students yoga studio etc.  South Korea is a great place to live and I would like to share all the things that I love about it with you.

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