Living Korean

While living here in Korea there are two places that  I spend a lot of my time, not including my apartment. The first being the private academy that we teach at and the yoga studio I practice at.
The majority of the students that I teach are awesome. Here is a pic of my four favorite students…Princess, Sally, Eliza and Lisa (the kids get to choose an English name, so sometimes their names are a little strange, hence Princess).  These girls are so energetic and love to speak English, which makes my job quite easy. They are also good for a little boost in self -confidence.  Everyday when I walk into class they tell me “Wow, teacher, you look so beautiful today! Your hair looks so special” Ha! They make me laugh a lot!  I will definitely miss these girls.

My Fav. Students

My Fav. Students

My fun, uber smart students

My fun, uber smart students

Some of my other students who make my job so enjoyable!

After my breakfast each morning I venture into town to go to Yoga.  It takes me about 20 mins to walk there if I am going at quick pace, so it’s good exercise.  My class is from 9:00-10:15ish each morning.  It is a wonderful way to start the day.  Most days it is quite relaxing, but there are some days that the teachers really work us hard with a lot of core strengthening.  It has been a fun experience to learn a new activity in a different language.  The teachers are so kind and helpful and have taken me under their wings as their little foreign protege.  They always get super excited when I conquer a new pose successfully!

Here is a shot of the inside of the studio, which is on the 11th floor of a high rise, so it offers quite a nice view.

Cara 003

So here is just another small glimpse into my life in Korea. There is more to come!

Have a happy Friday!

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