My Ode to “Green Monsters” and “SIAB”

For breakfast each morning, for about two weeks now, I have been enjoying a big glass of green monster. Green monsters are a great way to start the day off with all things delicious blended into one amazing drink.  In my Green Monster I usually blend a frozen banana, some peach, some plain yogurt, milk, ice and spinach (of course!).  I have been fully enjoying this, but this morning I was inspired to combine two great ideas together.  I decided to take my wonderful green monster and mix it with Kath’s SIAB idea, to make one bowl of yummy goodness!

I topped my “Green Monster SIAB” with Kashi’s Go-Lean Crunch and some almonds.  It was delish!  I will definitely do that again.

Green Monster + SIAB

Green Monster + SIAB

And for lunch today I concocted a delish dish…zucchini boats stuffed with veggies and sausage with a side of fresh tomato and oregano pasta.  It turned out great; my tummy was definitely satisfied. It’s been a great day of eating so far!

Zucchini Boats with pasta

Zucchini Boats with pasta

When it comes to cooking, I am quite easygoing when I am adding ingredients and tend not to measure things out.  I just add what looks and tastes right.

For the zucchini boats I used:

  • One whole zucchini (it was a big one); cut in half with the inside scraped out and reserved.
  • One onion
  • One carrot
  • A couple cloves of garlic
  • One sausage (could also use chicken, shrimp, tofu, or what ever your heart desires)
  • A sprinkling of cheese.

While I had my water boiling for my pasta, I tossed in my carved out zucchini boats so that they could get a little pre-cooked to save on cooking time. In a pan a tossed a scant amount of oil with the chopped carrot, onion, garlic and reserved zucchini filling.  I let that saute for a bit and then tossed in the chopped up sausage along with some salt and pepper.  Assembly is quite easy…you just take your filling and stuff your little boats, sprinkle it with cheese.  I put mine in the oven for about 10 mins; just enough time for the cheese to bubble on top.

As for the pasta, I used:

  • A bunch of fresh cherry tomatoes
  • garlic
  • onion
  • oregano (fresh or dried)
  • mushrooms.

While the pasta was cooking a sauteed the garlic, onion, mushrooms and tomatoes with the oregano and salt and pepper.  This does not take too long; just enough time so that the tomatoes and softened and it smells delish!  By the time my pasta was finished the sauce was also ready to go.  Yummers!

This was a super quick meal, it probably only took me around 25mins to do! Can’t get better then that.

My dinner won’t be as exciting as I have to teach 7 classes in a row with no break 3:45-9:00pm, so my dinner will be an assortment of snack foods.  Oh Well!

Take Care,

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