Conquering something new

Don’t you just love the feeling of conquering a goal that you have set for yourself? Whether it’s running a race, completing a school assignment, or loosing extra pounds; it always feels amazing to accomplish something, even if the road was difficult to get there.

I have been doing yoga for about four months now.  When I first began I thought of myself as a fairly flexible person.  I could touch my toes with ease and had very good balance from my many years of ice skating as a child.  Little did I know that I was not as flexible nor strong as I thought I was.  Yoga has whipped me into shape.  I truly love the things that yoga has taught me, such as being more aware of my body, my breathing and focus.  I have seen my self improve so much from when I first began.  My strength (especially my core) and flexibility has increased ten-fold. If you want intense abs muscles, DO YOGA!

So the new thing that I have conquered, as of late, is a head stand…I don’t know any of the fancy yoga names as my classes are taught in Korean and I have no idea what they are saying, but a head stand sums it up I think.  It took my a long time to build up my core strength before I was able to do this, but now I can do it fairly easily.

Headstand Pose!

Headstand Pose!

It feels good to set a goal and then see the positive results in the end.  I am not to sure what my next goal in yoga is, but the next time I can do some new crazy move, I will post it!

Take Care,

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2 thoughts on “Conquering something new

  1. I am in awe. That is great… what is almost as great however, is the fact that your shirt isn’t falling down either. Do they teach you headstand modesty in yoga??

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