A Morning Hike

This morning Adrian and I decided to enjoy the beautiful day and go for a hike.  We are blessed by the location of our apartment; as our backyard just so happens to be a mountain.  I usually go to yoga every morning, but this weekend I got stung by a bee and my face is quite unsightly and swollen (if you needs a visual, think quasimodo!). As a result, I was in no mood to show off my hideous face in public.  So I put on my sunglasses (to cover the swollenness) and we trekked up the mountain.

As some of you know, I am no fan of running, but hiking proved to be a good alternative.  That mountain kicked my butt and I was sweating up a storm.  When we reached ground level my legs were quite shakey and in need of a good stretch.

Along the path, up to the top

Along the path, up to the top

This part of the path, in this shot, is actually quite flat, but the majority of the hike was a pretty steep climb.

Taking a rest at the top

Taking a rest at the top

Once we made it to one of the peaks at the top, I was in need of a little rest and a snack. I slurped some leftover GM from my breakfast while enjoying the lovely view.

Relaxing together

Relaxing together

It’s always nice to have a good buddy to hike with to encourage you along the way! Adrian always proves to be a good support!

Hopefully my face will be back to normal tomorrow so that I will be able to make it to yoga and work. I did not think I could face hundreds of little curious Korean students questioning me about my strange appearance.

Take Care,

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6 thoughts on “A Morning Hike

    • Yeah, I purposefully wore the sunglasses to hide the hideousness that was my face!
      But today I am back to normal and can recognize myself in the mirror.
      Thanks for asking 🙂

    • I truly believe that yoga is the best exercise. I do not do any strenuous heart pounding exercise, just lots of
      walking, but since I have been doing yoga i have noticed a drastic improvement in my body…I can actually
      see that I have abs now…so stick with the yoga, it rocks!

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