Perfecting the Omelet

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”
James Beard

Omelets are one of my favorite go-to meals if I need something quick, delicious and satisfying.  I usually whip them up for lunch or dinner.  I used to suck at making omelets, with the result looking more like scrambled eggs!

Last year I cooked at a cafe which helped me to perfect the art of omelet making.  I made my fair share of omelets there, so I am now I am a more confident omelet maker.  My recipe differs a little from the restaurants, but the cooking method remains the same.  The biggest thing that I have learned with omelets is patience and lower heat.  You just have to let the little guy chill out in the pan for a while until it completely sets, before folding it in half.  Here are some of my instructions, hope it helps to make your omelet cooking more enjoyable a easy!

First, have all you veggies cut up and your eggs beaten in a bowl. (I usually use two eggs with a splash of milk, but the milk is optional.)

Prepared veggies

Prepared veggies

Next, put your egg mixture into a preheated pan (don’t use a pan that’s too big, or your omelet will be too thin and you will have trouble flipping it) and toss in your veggies, along with any other seasonings you like.

Omelet chillin' out in the pan

Omelet chillin' out in the pan

The outsides will start to cook first, so I always push at the sides a little bit and let the juicy stuff from the middle slide down the edges of the pan, which speeds up the cooking process a bit. Now is the time that you have to be patient! My rule of thumb is to not flip the omelet until it looks quite set and when you stick your flipper underneath it all stays together.

Flipped Omelet

Flipped Omelet

Let your omelet rest in this position for a little bit and then flip it over one time. Leave it for another minute and then it is finito!

Finished Product

Finished Product

Put your little omelet friend onto a plate and then enjoy! I usually always eat mine with a little ketchup and a slice of toast, which are not pictured here. Yummers!

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