Another Mountain Climbed

So another mountain climbed this weekend; that’s literally, not figuratively.

We had a lazy day at the beach on Saturday with not much activity, but lots of eating, so an active Sunday outing was what I was craving.  We hopped on our motorcycle and headed out of the city and up into the mountains.  It is a beautiful and quiet area just outside of the city that is covered with mountains as far as the eye can see.

We hiked for a little bit and then enjoyed a lovely picnic by the waterfall.  We scarfed down some delish salmon sammies with huge crunchy apples on the side.

Lunch by the waterfall

Lunch by the waterfall

Benegol Sunday Ride 010

After lunch we continued on our hike up the mountain.  We came to a fork in the road and I chose our path.  Little did I know that the path that I chose was a very intense incline up to the top. On our usual hikes we hit some tough spots but then the paths usually level off a bit to give us a break, but not this one! This was one gruesome path that went straight up for about 2km.  Now 2kms does not seem like a lot, but when it’s that steep, it’s painful. I was craving some exercise and I sure got it from this!

The good thing about challenging hikes is that there is always something good to look forward to at the top.  The view definitely did not disappoint, making the hard climb worthwhile.

Benegol Sunday Ride 019

The exquisite view from the top

The exquisite view from the top

I can’t really complain about the hard climb when I get to enjoy the beautiful day at the top.  I stretched out my legs a lot and then we headed back down.  My legs felt like string cheese…I thought I was going to tumble down a couple of times.  It’s like the weird feeling when you are jumping a a trampoline for a while and then walk on normal ground, your legs just don’t feel connected to your body! Ha!

A great day all in all.

Back to work today…starting to count down the weeks…only 6 weeks left of teaching and then we are free to travel…planning on exploring and diving in Thailand for a bit.  Can’t wait!


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6 thoughts on “Another Mountain Climbed

    • We are definitely blessed here with tons of cool things to see and experience.
      I sometimes have to remind myself not to take it for granted; before I know it I won’t be
      in Korea anymore, so I have to enjoy to the fullest while I still can.

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