Fun in the Sun!

I had a lovely sleep last night in my nice warm bed…not in a soaking wet tent! A nice change indeed.

It was a glorious day outside today.  When we are blessed with such nice weather we have to take advantage of it.  We headed out on our motorcycle, through the busy city streets, to travel across the city to one of my fav. beaches in the area.  There were not many people on the beach; making it the perfect place to sit, relax and read for the day.

Chuseok Weekend 001

In honor of October I painted my toes bright orange…

Chuseok Weekend 006They sorta look pink in the picture, but I promise, they are very orange…like a pumpkin 🙂

We had a nice lunch on a patio by the beach.  Adrian and I both had a burger…it was a burger day! It was good, but do you ever eat meals at a restaurant and question why you are paying so much money to eat what you are eating? I was feeling that today…I hate getting ripped off and then feeling guilty about spending money on something that was just ok. Oh Well!

After our tummies were full we took a dip in the water…surprisingly the water was still very comfortable to be in.

Splashing around

Splashing around

Water Shadows!

Water Shadows!

Yeah, I know, we’re geeks! Ha!

We both got a lot of sun so we decided to hit the road late afternoon.  As we were coming home we made a pit stop at this really cool fortress that we had never been to before.  It was built in the 1700s to stop some invasion of the Japanese.  It’s pretty cool and still in good condition.

Chuseok Weekend 034

I love discovering cool places like this!

View through the entrance

View through the entrance

The front of the fortress

The front of the fortress

The sun always makes me super tired after a day at the beach, so I am going to hit the hay. (It’s Sat. night here in Korea, if my posting times ever confuse you, that’s why).

Go discover something new today and have fun!

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Where is the best beach you have ever been to?


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