Colourful Mac and Cheese

Today was the first day that it actually felt like fall weather.   I was surprised that I actually needed to be wearing a long sleeve shirt; but I do enjoy feeling nice and cozy in a sweatshirt.

With a change in weather sometimes comes a change in my appetite as well.  When the temperature drops I start craving heartier meals and I tend to stray away from eating “lighter” meals, such as salads.

Is this only me, or is anyone else like this too?

Today, my cravings inspired me to re-create a dish from my childhood (probably everyone’s)…Good Ol’ Mac and Cheese.

We were never a family that ate things from a box; things were always made from scratch by my mother’s loving hands.  We had a tradition of eating Mac and Cheese on Halloween night, as it was a fast and quick meal to serve little tricker-treaters who just wanted to run out the door and start collecting candy.  It was maybe the only time that we ever ate this meal.  Even though there are no longer any children living with my parents, my mother still continues this tradition for herself and my father, it’s kinda cute.

I love food traditions! Every Friday night was pizza night in our house.  Our family would gather each Friday and share in the deliciousness of homemade pizza. It’s definitely a tradition that I will carry on with my own family in the future.

Does your family have any meal traditions?

Anywho, back to the Mac and Cheese.  I decided to make this recipe a little healthier by cutting out the butter, used low fat milk, reduced the amount of the cheese and added plain yogurt to help with the creaminess.

And I always feel weird eating pasta without any veggies in it, so I shredded some carrot and zucchini and cut up some peppers.

Here is the result.



And wonderfully colourful!

And wonderfully colourful!


Macaroni pasta of your choice

Any colourful veggies

2 Tbsp. of oil

2 Tbsp. of flour

2 cup non-fat milk

2 cups cheddar cheese (I think I used less)

1/4 of plain yogurt

1/2 tsp. of salt

1/2 garlic powder

1/8 tsp. pepper


Fill a large stockpot with water and bring to a boil. Cook the pasta according to the package instructions. Drain and set aside. Cook up your veggies and set them aside. Heat a large skillet with the olive oil. When the oil is hot, add the flour. Reduce the heat to medium, cook 1-2 minutes stirring constantly until mixture resembles a thick paste.

Whisk in the milk and cook 3-4 minutes until the mixture begins to thicken. Stir in both cheeses, salt, garlic powder, paprika, and pepper. Mix until cheese is smooth and melted and then stir in your cooked veggies.

With all the substitutions and additions, I was quite happy with the final product.  I was not missing the butter and I think that the yogurt and minimal cheese combo was the perfect amount of creaminess that I was going for.  Yummers!

I love the challenge of making recipes healthier without jeopardizing their original goodness.

The bonus is that there are lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow 🙂

Have a fantastic Thursday.

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6 thoughts on “Colourful Mac and Cheese

  1. I love homemaking something that I could make from a box. Makes me feel productive.

    J and I have our fun Saturday morning donuts tradition we have started since living in Japan. Also, we usually have Taco Wednesdays. It’s fun and it gives us something to look forward to each week.

    • Yeah it’s good to do those things…My husband and I have a fav. sandwich shop that
      we venture to on occasion. It had proved to be quite a task finding a place that
      actually made a good sandwich here, but one finally same along 🙂

  2. I love Fall weather and breaking out the sweaters, too 🙂
    Your mac and cheese looks lovely. I have never made it entirely from scratch. I know I could make it a lot healthier by doing substitutions like you (and adding veggies)! Any chance you could share your recipe? 🙂

  3. Your Mac and Cheese looks dynamite! I also loved reading about your family tradition. We had lots of “special” meals growing up some of my favorite were popcorn, cheese and apple night (Sundays watching Ghostwriter on PBS) and pumpkin soup served IN a pumpkin on Halloween night.

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