I want one…

The weather was so perfect this past weekend.  It is finally starting to feel like Fall here in Korea, which I love.  When Fall rolls around I am more then happy to cuddle up in a nice sweater.

We made plans with some of our friends to visit a nearby orphanage to play with the kiddies for a while.  We have been meaning to do this for quite some time now, so I was so excited that we got the chance.  I did not really know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the facility.  There were so many happy kiddies running around.

When we entered their play room, about half of the little girls ran up to us and clung onto our legs.  They were really drawn to Adrian and our friend Roger as they don’t often have males coming through to visit as much as women.  So when they get the opportunity to have a guy to pick them up and run them around in circles, they literally jump on the chance.

We spent most of the morning playing with the little girls, aged 3-5, reading them books, doing puzzles and spinning them around in circles. The language barrier was no problem, these precious little things just wanted lots of attention and love, which we were more then willing to give.  We were all tired and sweaty by the end…but I wanted to steal one to bring  home with me 🙂 They were probably small enough that I could smuggle one back to Canada unnoticed…tee hee!

Fireworks 009

This little one was in Love with my necklace

This little one was in Love with my necklace

For the whole morning, these two were latched onto Adrian.

For the whole morning, these two were latched onto Adrian.

Adrian needed a little rest...

Adrian needed a little rest...

Following our morning at the orphanage we jumped onto the subway and headed down to the beach for a delish burger.  Although the weather was a little cooler, it was a beautiful sunny day and still warm enough to enjoy a burger on the patio.

The beach was busier then normal as there was a Huge fireworks festival on.  We claimed our territory on the beach around 3:30pm and the open space quickly started to disappear.  There were literally hundreds of thousands of people who came out to see the fireworks show, it was crazy busy!

The beach was so full that when you walked you could no longer see any sand, it was all blankets and people.  It added to the excitement of it all though.

It was probably the craziest fireworks show that I have ever seen, I was literally blown away.  I think my jaw was dropped in awe for most of the show.  When I thought it was going to be over, they just kept going and going…Amazing!

The subway trip home was almost as exciting as the show itself.  When thousands of Koreans are all try to exit an area at one time, hilarity ensues.  The police were in full force directing people on the streets and down into the subway…at times I was fearing for my life…Ha!

Here’s a pic to show how busy the subway train was…I was mushed in a corner by the door, hoping that I was not going to get pushed out at a stop that was not my own.  Funny times forsure.

Fireworks 039

Have a happy day,

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5 thoughts on “I want one…

  1. That is how my train ride feels EVERY morning when I go to work. Luckily I’m only one stop up so little chance of hopping off at the wrong place. I love that you visited these kiddos. I’d love to do some volunteer work around here.

  2. so cute! Those kidlets are lucky to have such fun people to play with them.
    We’re thinking of you two lots right now.. we’re in the states for orientation, heading to Nairobi on Nov 1. eek! exciting and a whole lot of other emotions – I’m sure you know the feeling. love you C.

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