Good Soup and an Amazing Book!

“Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living.  For soup can do more to lift the spirits and stimulate the appetite than any other one dish.”
Louis P. De Gouy, The Soup Book (1949)

A good bowl of soup is definitely one thing I crave when the weather outside gets chillier.   I love all soups, but today I really needed to clean out the vegetable stash in the fridge, so a big pot o’ vegetable soup is what was in order.

I am quite relaxed when it comes to making soups, I just toss everything into the pot, and usually end up with quite the tasty result.  I am not a big recipe follower when it comes to cooking (maybe that’s my laziness!); I just add what I’m feeling.

So in today’s pot of vegetable soup went the following ingredients: A carrot, potato, onion, garlic, corn, zucchini, cabbage, grape tomatoes, shredded chicken, and some pasta noodles.  My flavorings consisted of oregano, basil, salt and pepper.

I adore a hearty bowl of soup and this was just that! Tons of yummy and nutritious things to fill my tummy.

food 062

food 061

I always make a huge pot so that I can enjoy the leftovers for a while.  I am convinced that things always taste better then next day.  It gives all the flavors time to settle and mingle with each other to provide an even better taste explosion in my mouth 🙂

Along with this scrumptious bowl of soup I consumed, I also finished reading an amazing book.  If you have recently been in a book slump and need a good one to check out, you should definitely pick up a copy of Three Cups of Tea.


This is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever read.  I am not usually one to delve into non-fiction, but this one was worth it.  This story focuses on the life of one man, Greg Mortenson, and his quest to build schools in the most dangerous and remote places of Asia.  This one man saw the importance of education, especially for girls, and how it is needed to bring peace and a future to areas that many people ignore or don’t know exist.

If anyone deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize, it is this man with his efforts to unite the world through education.  It is a truly remarkable story that will change your perspective on what goals you see as attainable.  It will inspire you to think differently about the world and how great changes can be made, even if it’s only by the service of one person.

Have a happy Friday, (I am more then excited for the weekend)

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6 thoughts on “Good Soup and an Amazing Book!

  1. Yummmmmm, I love veggie clean-out-the-fridge soup. And it’s always better the next day.

    My mom JUST told me I HAD to read that book. Now that I have 2 recommendations, I guess it’s a must read!

    • I think you especially would really like it K. I am sure you will be able to find
      lots of connections between his story and the adventure you are embarking on.

  2. Oh my, I was craving soup today – it was cold and rainy – bad combination. But I didn’t have time to make any – grab ‘n’ go kind of day :(. But now I’m craving a big bowl (and it’s like midnight)…I have a can of ‘Organic Health Valley Vegetable’ hmmm….:)

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