Last Days in Korea

I have been away from blogging land for so long and I have missed it.  I finished work in Korea and traveled around for a bit with my husband’s parents.  We had a blast touring around Korea with them; camping, eating good food and enjoying the scenery from our motorcycles.

We met this cute little guy on the side of the road…I couldn’t resist snapping a shot 🙂

We visited some of my fav. temples in the area.  These little Buddhas are so precious. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

We spent one rainy day at a Doctor Fish Cafe.  You stick you feet in these troughs and all these little fish (think baby piranhas) eat the dead skin off your feet and hands, leaving them very soft and smooth.  It tickles a lot, but it’s a fun experience.


We shared lots of yummy meals with good friends.  We successfully ate all of our favorite meals before we departed.

Korean BBQ! You get the grill right on the table…they bring you the raw marinated meat to grill with a bountiful supply of side dishes and salads.  It’s a very communal meal.

In this shot are grilled pork, bean sprouts and kimchi.

Eating delish street food in one of the downtown areas of Busan. We sampled an array of dumplings, rice rolls, spicy and chicken soup….Yummers!

And by far my fav. dinner….Shabu Shabu.  You can see the pot cookin’ in the middle of the table.  It’s a spicy sweet and sour broth with lots of greens, mushrooms, potatoes, noodles and thinly shaved beef.  It is so hearty and filling; prefect for a chilly night.

Many of my traveling experiences always seem to centre around food.  For one, I love food; making and eating it, but I think food also brings people together through a shared experience.  It is a common ground for all.  Even though the food and the eating styles vary from one culture to another; enjoying a meal with others is valued everywhere.  I love traveling and trying new foods in different places for this reason.  You can learn a lot about different cultures by what they eat and how they eat it.  I have gained a lot through my time in Korea and will definitely miss the food while I am gone.

Leaving Korea was not too sad though, as we will be returning in the new year to teach again.  We left Korea a couple weeks ago and made a pit stop in Thailand…which I will share in another post.

I must get to bed as I am still adjusting from a 14 hour time difference.  I don’t really know what time my body thinks it is now, I juts know it’s tired.

Take Care,


One thought on “Last Days in Korea

  1. Wow! What a fabulous trip! I’m so jealous! I’ve seen a story on tv about those little fishes that give you that ‘natural’ pedicure. I can’t imagine how that must have felt! And all that fresh fruit?! It must have tasted like nothing else in this world. I’m glad you took advantage of all the sites and thoroughly enjoyed yourself. I love your blog! I think it’s great!

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