“Pad” Thailand

After leaving Korea a couple of weeks ago Adrian and I hopped on a plane and ventured on to Phuket, Thailand. We had no plans upon arrival, with only our first nights stay booked in advance.  I think traveling is a lot more if you have no plans and just go with the flow.  I figure that the people who live there know a lot more about the cool places and areas too see then any travel book could describe.

With much success we found many great places to see and stay.  Thailand is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Everyone is so kind and welcoming.

We stayed at this cute little lodge for the first week.

We rented a scooter each day to explore different areas of the city.  Adrian did a great job of adjusting to driving on the other side of the road.

We found many cool things.  We found this Ginormous Buddha on the top of a mountain.  Ginormous is an understatement, but I can’t think of another word that describes its hugeness.  From anywhere in the city you can se this guy…

He’s a work in progress…it will be cool to see the end result.

This sign was on the road near the Big Buddha…wise words.

One of my fav. things about being in Thailand was the readily available supply of fresh fruit. I LOVE fruit! I got to try so many fruits that I had never eaten before.  And bonus, the fruit is sooo cheap.  Every other day I would stop at the fruit stand and pick up a pineapple, which cost me a big 50 cents.


If you ever have the chance to eat a Mangosteen, do it!  Best exotic fruit ever.

We also used some local transport to get around.  We rented a Long Boat with some friends to taxi us out to an island to so some snorkeling.  These boats are hilarious.  They are super old and are powered by old car engines.

So many colourful fishies to see.

The food in Thailand is so yummy.  They cook with a lot of seasonal fruits and veggies, using different curry spices, coconut milk, fresh basil leaves etc.  We of course ate tons of Pad Thai.  Every place cooks it a bit different, so it was fun to try it in many places to compare.  No I just have to try and make it at home.


It was a fab. trip and I can’t wait to go back.  We only really explored the West Coast of Thailand, so another trip is in order to see the rest of this wonderful place.

So long Thailand, I will miss you, and will be longing for you as the cold Canadian winter approaches.

Take Care,


6 thoughts on ““Pad” Thailand

    • You should for sure…I am now in love with the place.
      We are considering living there for a year after we complete our next year
      in Thailand.

  1. Glad you are back to blogging. I’ve missed reading your updates! 😀

    That huge Buddha, along with three in your last post, are really awesome. I would be so amazed at the size of this guy!

  2. I love reading about your travels! I would love to go to Thailand, or really go anywhere in Asia. I love Thai food, too, it would be so awesome to have authentic Thai food. I’m looking forward to digging through your archives!

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