How to be a Better Foodie

I am having a lovely day of baking here in my mother’s kitchen.  I am covered in flour and have dough shoved into all my finger nails, but all is well.  It wouldn’t be hardcore baking if you weren’t wearing some of the ingredients. The gingerbread cookies are coming along marvelously, I am trying my hardest not to test out the batch too much!

My other baking adventure as of late was a super yummalicious Dark Chocolate Toblerone Cheesecake. I adore eating and making cheesecakes 🙂 I made this one for a potluck that I had with my friends the other night.

Mmmm…cheesecakey goodness!

My other recent eating adventure was a delicious Indian dinner that Adrian treated me to as an early birthday present.  I love, love, love Indian food and had not enjoyed it in a long time, so it was more than perfect. I am one happy camper when I am eating Samosas, Naan bread and curry.

Heavenly samosas with choice of three dipping sauces.

Half eaten Chicken Tikka Masala and Chana Masala, which is a chickpea-type curry.  All consumed with pipping hot Naan bread.

I wish I saved some for leftovers, but it was so good I almost licked the bowls.

Another fun discovery that I made when I was at the video store last night was this little book.

It is so cute and cleverly funny.  There are tons of foodie facts and antidotes, which only a true food lover could appreciate.  I will have to post the “What kind of Foodie Are You” quiz that is included, so you can all see what category you fall into. I thought Kristen and her readers would appreciate the funniness of this book, as Kristen has been doing a very fun post series on “You Know You’re a Foodie When…”  When I saw this book in the store I had to grab it as I knew there would be some great stuff inside.

More on this book in my next post.

I must get back to my baking; my little cookie friends are calling.

Take Care,

P.S. It has finally snowed here in Ontario, which makes it feel a lot more Christmasy! I love the snow!


11 thoughts on “How to be a Better Foodie

  1. what a cute book! I’m excited to hear more about it. I’ll have to look for it at the bookstore – it would be a perfect gift for one of my friends! (ha, or for me)

  2. ahhh so cute, i love it! 🙂 you’ll definitely have to share, and show us that quiz! your baking adventures sound like a blast…and omg Chocolate Toblerone Cheesecake?! can you send me a slice please?! 😉

    have a wonderful day!

    • I would share a slice if I could 🙂
      I will try and post up the quiz tomorrow…I am gearing up for my sister’s wedding on Saturday,
      so things are quite busy and exciting on the home-front!

  3. That cheesecake is too much! You are so talented! I would have a potluck just so I could invite you and you could bring that cheesecake (pretty please?!). HAHAHA! That book sounds cute! I love the cover.

  4. Hey can I get the recipe from you? I have made lots of cheese cakes and have figured out how to make them relatively low fat- it would be a perfect mix to combine some of those toppings! I normally add fruit, but we love chocolate and nuts!

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