What Kind of Foodie are You?

I worked a 12 hour day in my mother’s kitchen icing cookies for my sister’s wedding tomorrow.  During this fun, but tedious task, I came to the realization that I would not want to be a full-time cookie decorator.  This job is not for the faint of heart! I woke up this morning with sore legs and a super stiff neck.  It feels like I did some intense workout or something, but no, I was just hunched over a counter making little snowflakes appear on gingerbread cookies.  It’s all worth it though, I think my sister will be quite pleased with the results.

These little yummy bundles will be gracing the plates of the guests at the wedding. I think they will look so cute with all the other decor.  We will be busy today decorating the hall and making it look uber fabulous.  So if I you don’t hear from me for a while, you know what I will be up to.  I love weddings and am so pumped for my big sis.

Onto other matters;

As I chatted about in my previous post, about the new book that I discovered, I thought that I would share the fun foodie quiz that was inside. Check out the quiz and let me know of your results…we can see how many “true” foodies are out there 🙂

Quiz: What Kind of Foodie Are You?

Are you a soft-core gastronaut who might not know a mandarin from a mandoline, or are you a hardcore gastronome dedicated to expanding your culinary boundaries?

1. How often do you think about food a day?

A. Rarely, you’re always preoccupied.

B. Almost constantly and definitely between meals.

C.Only when your tummy rumbles.

2. How do you choose your holiday destinations?

A. The loveliness of the beach

B. By their proximity to hallowed food markets and iconic restaurants.

C.The lure of as food food as you can eat does it for you

3. What’s the idea of a serious shopping day out?

A. A day food shopping is a day wasted, who needs to touch, smell and salivate when it can all be done via internet.

B. A dawn-raid on your local farmer’s market, a dash across town to the Iranian grocery for bread and spices, a tout around the specialty food bookshop, and at least an hour mentally upgrading your kitchen in the gleaming kitchenware store.

C. Clothes, shoes, DVDS, lunch 0n-the-go in a farmer’s market.

4. What are you most likely to dream of?

A. Being trapped somewhere with a luscious Hollywood star

B. A huge steaming plate of linguini dripping with white truffle

C. A Champagne breakfast in bed.

5. How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

A. As usual at your fav. local gastro-restaurant, though your have a sneaky suspicion you have eaten the same lobster tortellini three years in a row.

B. You like to be surprised by dinner at a wondrous new off-the-celebrity-circuit discovery with delectable delicacies.

C. You’ll settle for nothing less than a full three star experience.

6. What does seasonally mean to you?

A. Time to consider up-grading the people carrier.

B. Eagerly anticipating the first of the season’s wet walnuts and damsons

C. It can only mean the fashion catwalk collections and another diet.

7. What works for you to relieve tension and stress?

A. Long country walks, but only if there is a chance of scooping up some wild mushrooms

B. Making a fell-good minestrone

C. Eating a large bar of the highest cocoa percentage chocolate you can lay your hands on.

8. How far would you travel for a decent loaf of bread?

A. The celebrity-chef “hand-baked” loaf at your local supermarket will suffice

B. Distance is no object

C. No distance; you were given a bread-maker  and you actually still use it

9. Who are you most likely to confide in on a weekly basis?

A. Your masseur/therapist

B. Your local butcher who always saves veal bones for you

C. Your best friend

10. What’s your bedside reading?

A. A thriller called “Juiced” with a rather explicit picture of a blood orange on the cover

B. The latest Foodie memoir by one of your all-time fav. culinary icons.

C. An ever growing stack of illustrated cookbooks, containing your fav. recipes and the ones you drool over, but will never actually make.

Mostly A’s : Frankly you are scarcely on the foodie radar.  If you recently bought a cookbook, you probably intended it as a gift, but you might just develop a craving for sourdough and fonduta.

Mostly B’s: You’re near enough a perfect foodie, liable to display pleasure at the mere sighting of sea urchin roe.  Just remember to keep a sense of proportion and humour about your dedication to culinary nirvana.

Mostly C’s: You’re fast becoming a fluent foodie, but beware of the faux foodie hype.

Looking forward to hearing your results…it is meant to be a little goofy and off the wall, just so ya know.

Have a fabulous day! I will make sure to take lots of pics of the wedding and all the scrumptious food that will be devoured.

Take Care,


7 thoughts on “What Kind of Foodie are You?

  1. Gorgeous cookies! I am tied on the quiz . . . and I can’t decide what to put for number 1! I think about food almost all day, but that’s partially because I’m studying nutrition . . . so all of those hours of classes and homework are devoted to food! LOL.

  2. Those cookies look like they were purchased from a prestigious bakery! They are awesome! I’m sorry you got a stiff neck from baking all day, but I know your sister will love them (the guests, too)! Have fun tomorrow. Congrats!

  3. Those cookies look perfect! I hope it was worth the soreness. Congrats to your sister.

    I was somewhere between the Cs and Bs…mostly C answers, though. I still have a ways to go in foodie world… 🙂

  4. That was a fun quiz to take my mind of studying for a bit! I got mostly B’s, so I am a nearly perfect foodie. Good to know! Thanks for leaving a comment. The cookies are so pretty, I love snowflakes!

  5. Mostly Bs and Some Cs! Fun stuff! Although now that I’m living in South Korea things are changing a bit. I miss baking!

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