Deep Dish Delight

I had the most yum-tastic dinner tonight.  This dinner was definitely not for the diet-conscious;  it’s one of those treats you allow yourself once and a while.  Let’s be honest, one piece of ooey gooey pizza is not going to do any harm.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The recipe came from the most recent issue of the Cook’s Illustrated magazine.  They titled the recipe “Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza,” how could that not be good?

The dough was quite rich and almost resembled a pastry…it was quite flaky and melt in your mouth good.  A love for food runs in the family and my big bro proved tonight that he is a whiz in the kitchen.

Rest assured I did not polish all this off by myself.  I had a sampling of it all. Scrumptious pizza, along with a yummo salad and randomly enough, a roast pork stuffed with caramelized apples and hazelnuts.  The pork totally did not go with the meal, but my Mom’s friend brought it over for us to try as she was testing a recipe and wanted us to have a taste. Worth every little bite that I enjoyed.

I still have to have a little ice cream to finish it all off, but I thought I would let my tummy digest a bit. I am definitely the kind of person who has to have something sweet to finish off the meal.  A meal is not complete unless it ends on a sweet – note.

In other news, my sister’s wedding was Fabulous! Everything went off without a hitch. It was such a beautiful day. My sister looked stunning!  Here are some of the pics that were captured.

Arriving at the church.  Brrr! My sister was the smart one and wore boots under here wedding dress for the travels to and from the church.

Getting my sis ready before she walked down the isle.

Me sloshing through the snowbank, wearing very high heels, attempting to get into the car without falling over.

My little pride and joys, the snowflake cookies, set out on the tables.  They got rave reviews from all the guests 🙂

Adorable snowflake cupcakes that were served for dessert.  One kind was vanilla and the other was carrot.  Both were out of the world delicious!

Me ripping it up on the dance floor with Adrian.  I have on my “serious” dancing face.

It was a marvelous wedding! I love weddings.

After serving a brunch for some of the family the next day, I spent most of the afternoon curled up in front of the fireplace and napped away the afternoon.  Weddings are great, but they sure are tiring.

Take Care,


12 thoughts on “Deep Dish Delight

  1. What a beautiful looking wedding! Both you and your sister look gorgeous!!! haha and I love your ‘dance face’…very serious 🙂
    Oooh that pizza looks great too – homemade pizza is definitely one of my fav dinners!!

  2. That pizza looks amazing! Pizza is definately a favorite of mine to cook and to eat! The wedding pictures are so pretty and you look like you are having so much fun dancing!

  3. You look beautiful! And wonderful job on the cookies, they look perfect. Winter weddings are fun! I love the snow!

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