Back in Korea, back to blogging!

After a very long and extended hiatus, I have decided to return to the world of blogging.  I truly love blogging, especially reading them.  The reason for my absence was due to the fact that my blogging was over- consuming my time.

But now I am back with a fresh perspective and with so many more adventures on my horizon.

My husband and I have returned to South Korea for another year of teaching, exploring and eating tons of delicious Korean food.  Korean food is definitely at the top of my list when it comes to ranking various worldly cuisines.  I continue to expand my knowledge of Korean food and cooking, as all the ingredients are readily available.  It’s a treat to learn a new skill while immersed in the culture it originates from.

This year we are teaching in the public school system in Korea and it’s 100 times better than our private job last year.  Although the students have a much lower understanding and comprehension of English, they are a pleasure and joy to teach each day…even when they are moody and restless 🙂 I would highly recommend this job to anyone interested.

We have only been back in Korea for a short couple of months, but we have already dusted off our motorcycle and have had a few really good adventures on the.  Here are a couple of pics to recap.

This was from our first camping trip…it was still a little chilly!

Lots more hiking to be enjoyed!

A walk inside a super cool bamboo forest. (I was actually unaware that this photo was being taken. I don’t often look this mean!)

And strolls through my favorite outdoor markets.

A relaxing weekend at the beach.

Life couldn’t be better! We are so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity; an amazing experience for sure.

Take Care,


7 thoughts on “Back in Korea, back to blogging!

  1. yay! blog back in business! Happy year two in Korea.. your hair is super cute in that food picture – a nice inbetweeny length. Happy blogging – you know I’ll be watching you… (you can take that as a creepy comment or a nice one – entirely up to you!)

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