Green Tea Land

Teaching with the public school system in Korea definitely has its perks.  We only had to teach three days this week and then the school board sent us away for mandatory “teachers training.” This training consisted of bringing us to the beautiful coast of South Korea, housing us all in a lovely oceanside condo, and feeding us tons of delicious food.  And yes, there were some instructional courses thrown in there, but they were short and minimal.  It was a nice chance for all of the foreign English teachers in the city to reconnect and relax.

Considering that Korea is such a hardworking country, I was sort of surprised that they gave us the luxury of a break… but I’m not complaining, it was fabulous.

During our free time in the afternoon, my friend and I rented some roller blades and scooted around the neighborhood.  We both felt like we were little kids again.  Neither of us had been on blades for years.  Once we got used to it we were skating around like there was no tomorrow.

On Friday we left the condo and got taken on a “field trip.” Our first stop was the Green Tea Fields of Beosong, South Korea.  I have never seen so much green tea in my life.  This area in Korea is particularly famous for it and it was not in short supply.  I had no idea what green tea looked like when it was growing, so this was an eye opener.  The green tea plants were more like stocky little bushes as opposed to the delicate leafy things that I imagined.  The fields were beautiful and endless.

So much green everywhere! It was so lush.

We walked up several hundreds of stairs (and yes, I counted the stairs, 387 to be exact) to see the lay of the land.

Action shot – Maybe on stair #250?

After our hike up all the stairs and enduring the wobbly leg feeling on the way back down, we treated ourselves with green tea ice cream…how could we not?

Our next stop was at a beautiful countryside temple.  For me, all temples sorta look the same, but this was set in such a beautiful area.  It was so serene and relaxing.

All in all it was a great start to the weekend and the bonus is is that I still have Saturday and Sunday to enjoy!

Yeah long weekends.

Planning on doing some shopping today and then going to see Sex and the City 2…I know, I still haven’t seen it.  Should be a fun girls day out.

Take Care


3 thoughts on “Green Tea Land

  1. Nice pics! Way to be on the ball! We had a great time with you guys- and thanks for the great girls day! I needed it! You’re great!

  2. I think it is really amazing that you are teaching in South Korea! How did you get the idea to teach there? Also, I always count steps when I go somewhere high (I’m weird, what can I say!) and I absolutely LOVE green tea and I’m sure the ice cream was fabulous!! I hope the rest of your weekend was great!! – Vicky (

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