Row Row Row Your Boat…

My week has been quite relaxing so far.  My students are in exams, which means I get to sit in my office and keep myself busy for the morning and then I get the afternoons off.  No complaints here, I’m loving it!

I have been on the biggest food kick lately.  You know when you just keep craving the same foods over and over again. As of late, my constant craving has been sweet potatoes.  Hands down they are my favorite veg. and I can’t stop eating them.  Coincidently, I am in a country that really appreciates the goodness of sweet potatoes.  Now, I can’t say I enjoy my sweet potatoes in the same fashion, but Koreans seem to sneak them into lots of different things.

Koreans are really big into pureeing sweet potato and squeezing it on top of their pizza.  May sound good, but they load it with sugar, so it’s quite a strange flavor contrast + weird texture.

I appreciate their creativity, but I am still not in love with this unique pizza topping.  Maybe living here another year will convert me? I think I could like it more if it wasn’t squirted on with a tube, it weirds me out a bit.

Another common use of sweet potatoes is in desserts.  I can appreciate this one a little more.  Putting sweet potato into cakes, which Koreans love, makes for a very moist and delicious cake.  Does it make it more healthy? Maybe! I’ll let myself think it anyways.

Light, fluffy and “nutritious” = Me loving every single bite.

They are even served as a dessert, coated in a thick semi-sweet syrup.

Don’t worry, there’s more.  Try turning sweet potatoes into noodles! Koreans do, and they are great.  Sorta like a thin rice noodle, in texture and appearance, they are consumed in many hot and cold noodle dishes.

My use of sweet potatoes tonight was not as creative as these, but it was mighty delicious and that’s what matters most.  I boiled a sweet potato and scraped out the insides, revealing a couple cute little sweet potato boats.  I stuffed the little guys with a mixture of tofu, cherry tomatoes, carrots, red pepper, onion, a Tbsp or two of tomato sauce and the sweet potato scrapings; along with some chili powder and cumin.

Sweet potato craving fulfilled for another day!

Any sweet potato recipes are more then welcome…you can never have enough ways to use them.

Thank Korea for expanding my sweet potato horizons!

Take Care,


4 thoughts on “Row Row Row Your Boat…

  1. I made some sweet potato fries a few weeks ago! So good! Question: How long are you still living in Korea/ have you lived there? Do you teach in English? bye! – Vicky @

  2. I love all of these creative ideas for sweet ‘taters! Come September/October, I just can’t get enough of them – I’m going to try them in a dessert, that sounds so easy/good!

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