I had the most scrumptious dinner last night.  Our friend recommended us to a vegetarian buffet not to far from our place…it was amazing.  I love any meal where there are lots of fresh veggies.  Especially when there is a buffet of veggies at my disposal, I am in heaven.   I think I visited the buffet 3-4 times last night…I justified it by the fact that I was consuming a ton yummy veggies 🙂

The pics don’t really do it justice…no natural light in the restaurant to display the true goodness of the meal.

Plate # 1 I think. Some baked bean/tofu, spinach and other assorted veggies.

Round # 2 – A small helping of buckwheat noodles (on the bottom), topped with lots of veggies and spicy red sauce; a Korean staple.

The bowl on the right hand side at the back is a cold tea that Koreans enjoy in the summer.  It is pretty sweet , but is uber delicious. I think it is made with persimmon fruit and lots of cinnamon….

Mmmmm!  Although is looks like I ate A LOT, I was not too too full at the end of the meal, which is great.

Today I was back to work..Mondays are always a little tiring, so I made sure I had a yummy plan for dinner…So I had something to look forward to at the end of the day.

I whipped up a tofu/bean/veggie burrito…spiced with chili powder, cumin and coriander.  It was just what I was craving.  We also enjoyed a little salad on the side. Perfection!

It was such a beautiful evening…not as humid…thankfully…so Adrian and I took a stroll up the street to a park near our house.  There is a temple/pagoda type thing that we climbed up to that gave us a good view of the sunset.


Have a great start to your week.


8 thoughts on “Veg-Tastic

  1. Yumm! I love a meal full of veggies!! My attempt at a wrap for dinner tonight was such a fail! Sadly that guac that I got just wasn’t as good as the homemade one my mom spoils me with when I am at home!! – Vicky @

  2. Awesome looking meal! I wish I could get myself to cook here in Korea- I don’t know why I find it so hard. Did you cook right away last year, or did you have to kick start your way there? We cooked everyday in Washington and I loved it… but I have no motivation- the kitchen is in the living room- is just not motivational. I think at this point i’ve just given up…

    Thanks for the sunset pic! We should go find some, it seems like we only see tall buildings around us… we got lots of good crazy night noraobonging pictures!

    • I think it did take me a while to get into it and build a routine. When we first got here we were always going
      out with friends and eating out late after work, but after I changed my focus and priorities about saving more money, it
      helped a bit. Last year we tried to limit it to 1-2 meals in the week and then the weekend we could do whatever…

  3. PS- Great veggie bar pics! I was waiting for the blog entry!! That was a great dinner and the pics turned out very colorful!

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