Omelette + Rice = Omurice

Dinner tonight was a healthful take on a very popular Asian dish called Omurice.

As far as I know Omurice originated in Japan and has spread throughout other Asian countries.  It is a fusion dish that blends an omelette (omu) with fried rice.  Generally it consists of a very thin omelette that is stuffed with veggie fried rice and covered with a tomatoey type sauce.

As this dish has gained popularity across Asia, the number variations of omurice one can order is endless.  Anything one can imagine from curry, to steak,  sausage, to pizza is tossed on top and doused with sauce.  Much loved by many, I can’t really stomach it.

This will give you a good idea of the amount of sauce they put on these bad boys.  I was not kiddin’ around. Sauce is a serious business.

Adrian and I had a very tragic experience with omurice last year in Korea.  We both had it for dinner and by the time we returned to our home we were both severely sick with food poisoning.  This experience has sorta tainted omurice for the both of us 😦

Although I have negative feelings about this dish, I do like the concept of it.

I had leftovers from last nights burritos, so I decided to give it a try.  I cooked up some brown rice (a healthy exchange for the white fried rice) and heated of the leftover veg/bean/tofu mix.  I then made my thin omelettes and stuffed all the goodies inside.  I was very conservative with my saucing. I put a little salsa on the inside and a little on the top.


I can learn to appreciate foods that have, in the past, left a  “bad taste in my mouth”…I just have to make them taste and appear a little different; to be more appetizing.

Have you had a similar  negative experience with food?

Have a good one.


6 thoughts on “Omelette + Rice = Omurice

  1. That burrito looks delish, again! And that other dish does sound interesting, but I would be the same way if I ate something that got me sick I probs would be hesitant about eating it again…

    Also, if you go to my blog, you will see that you won the sunshine award! 🙂 – Vicky

  2. That omelet looks delicious! I’ve gotten sick from a few foods before and it’s hard for me to eat them! I drank a Strawberry Lassi when I was in India and got a stomach bug and haven’t been able to drink Straw smoothies since! (And they were my fav))

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