Big Plate O’ Salad

It has been uber humid here for the past couple of days.  I can’t complain too much, I love summer, but it can be pretty draining at times.  I can handle dry heat, but excessive humidity, where you are constantly sweating and feel tired all the time, like you just climbed a mountain, can be a bit too much.  I can’t change the weather, so I guess I just have to embrace my sweaty self 🙂

In this exhausted state I find it even more difficult to get my butt in gear and exercise, but I somehow encouraged myself to do some “Insanity” and yoga after work today.  It sorta feels like running in a sauna…Ha! I felt great afterwards and made sure to drink lots of water.

I opted for a refreshing dinner tonight.  Something light and fresh.  I often find that my appetite dwindles when the temperature soars, which is VERY strange for me, as I always have an appetite!  So a ginormo salad was what I was craving tonight.

I had some leftover brown rice from yesterday to I was searching for a recipe to use it up.

I was inspired by a recipe from TLC; a Asian Brown Rice and Peanut Salad Toss.  I tweaked it a bit by serving it all cold, and by adding some spinach, cabbage, tofu and shrimp.

It was perfection. I great mix of flavors and textures.  I loved having the peanuts in there to give it some good crunch.

The end to another great day.

I am off to watch some girly TV.

Take Care,


7 thoughts on “Big Plate O’ Salad

  1. I thought I was escaping the humidity in North Carolina by being in Germany, but the other day I had to get up at 4 AM to catch a flight, and I thought it would be cooler outside but it was so humid that I was sweating by the time I got to the airport! Not Okay! Also that salad look amazingg! I love having peanuts in certain dishes. Like when I eat Thai food I always get Pad Thai because it has this yummy peanut dressing. I’m sure it’s the least healthy thing on the menu, but I love it! – Vicky @

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