Foreign Food Frenzy

Pasta, a simple and maybe not so special meal for many, becomes a 5-star dinner when you rarely eat it.

Pastas are just starting to make their way into Korea.  I was elated at the supermarket the other day when I actually spotted whole wheat spaghetti.  I secretly did a little dance.

(Random Fact: Did you know that there are more than 600 shapes of pasta worldwide?)

It was Friday, the end of a tiring and hot week, so we decided to end it on a high note by enjoying a great meal with great friends.  Pasta and wine were the stars of the night, with a few yummy extras thrown in there as well.

Korean food is amazing, but it’s nice to have some balance and eat some comfort foods from home as well.

We started the night off with some wine and apps.

Can never go wrong with smoked salmon!

The yumminess continued with whole wheat spaghetti topped with homemade sauce (Thanks Scott)  and sautéed veggies.

And of course, some salad and baguette to accompany the meal.

I whipped up some caper and balsamic dressing, it was quite yum.

Dessert was enjoyed, but I did not snap a shot…I ate it too quickly!  Greek frozen yogurt with sliced plums and nectarines.  Fresh and delish.

The weather is beautiful this morning (hopefully it stays that way), so Adrian and I are packing up our motorcycle and heading out to the coast for some beach camping.  It will be a nice escape from the humid city.

Happy weekend!



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