I just ate what?!

Adrian and I hopped on our motorcycle yesterday in the early afternoon.  It was a beautiful day and I was highly anticipating some relaxing beach time.  We rode for a while and then stopped for a quick lunch.  It’s always nice to give the butt a little break from the bike seat.

I had a refreshing spicy cold noodle dish.  Perfect for a hot day.

Along with the obligatory kimchi!

We drove a little longer, not really having a plan as to where we were going, just as long as we found a nice spot by the water.  And we found just that!

It was a little misty and overcast, but the sun shone through at times…which in reality is much better for my fragile freckly skin.  We swam for a bit, napped and read on the beach.  What more could I ask for?

Funny experience of the day:

We decided that we were going to go to the corner store and get some beer and snacks, but were stopped by a group of Koreans that were having a picnic.  With our  limited Korean, we were able to make out that they wanted us to come over and join their picnic and have some of their food.  (Koreans always like to share their food and are very generous people…and you can’t say no!)

So we sat down with the group; 5 men and a couple of women. They started cooking up this little meal for us, served us heaps of watermelon, cold coffee, and  soju (a Korean liquor).  At this time we didn’t really know what they were making, we just  knew it was some kind of meat.  They kept saying to Adrian that this particular meal was really good for stamina! Ha!  It was served to us and Adrian was showed the correct way to eat it.  The meat looked a little strange, like a really dark pulled pork.  He ate it and then discovered what it was. Through a very poor translation we were able to figure out what this mystery meat was…

It was DOG.  Yep, they eat dog in Korea! It is not as common anymore, but they still do. Mostly just men. This probably has to do with the supposed stamina it provides.  Eek!

They wanted Adrian to “enjoy” some more, but he did his best to politely decline!  We sat with them for the greater part of the afternoon, having hilarious conversations, that were very hard to understand, but funny nonetheless.

Afterwards I comforted Adrian by letting him know that he only ate one small bite…and it’s not like he knew what he was eating, so it’s ok!

We departed ways and then cooked up our own dinner.  The camping menu consisted of roasted potatoes and carrots and BBQ baked beans. Yum.

We finished off the night with some smores, which were delectably delicious.

When we awoke this morning it was  pouring rain.  So so much rain.  Granted it is rainy season here in Korea, but the weather forecast said we would be safe (can one ever trust a weather forecast? I think not!).

We packed up our gear as quick as we could, getting a little soaked in the process.  We drove home through a downpour! We were laughing our heads off on the way home; we had to make the best of the situation.  The roads were partially flooded in some spots, so it was like driving through a tidal wave, which is pretty crazy when you are exposed to all the elements on the bike! Ha!

I would have taken a picture, but it was raining too much for that.  The camera would have been kaput.

We were soaked to the core by the time we got home.  Hot Hot showers were a necessity, followed by a big bowl of hot barley cereal. (Oatmeal does not exist in Korea, so this is second best) It was super yum and warmed me from the inside out.

Now it’s time to watch a movie…the best rainy day activity!

Take Care,

Have you ever eaten anything super strange?


12 thoughts on “I just ate what?!

  1. You need to get ingredient labels! in english! gosh I am so un-daring when it comes to odd foods (esp meats). I’ll eat any veggie: rutabaga or anything green, but sauces and meats and dairies are on my skeptical list

    you look like you’re having the best time; I just love checking out the photos. what a great idea for a summer relaxation time

    • Yeah, label reading can be a little tricky when everything is written in Korean…I guess eating is just part of the adventure 🙂

  2. Ahh!! Dog!! That is so hilarious and crazy and disgusting all at once!

    And how fun to just be able to hop on your motorcycle and drive to the beach! 🙂

  3. What a nice beach to spend a relaxing day on! I can’t believe Adrian ate dog- AHHH! It made for a good story, at least 🙂 Love that you finished off with smores, too!

  4. You guys make such a cute couple!! Also, nice motorcycle! I’ve never actually ridden one, but it looks fun! You are making me really want to go to Korea!! It looks so beautiful! Yet another country to add to my growing list… 😀 – Vicky @ vdubb.wordpress.com

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