Leftovers Revamped

Just winding down at the end of my day.  No complaints here, I had a great day.  I am blessed with such a great job, sometimes I have to remind myself how lucky I am.  I get to live in an amazing country, meeting great people, eating excellent food; with a little teaching thrown in there.  One of life’s many blessings.

I also had a yumtastic day of eating.

Breakie was another cold cereal made with barley and topped with lots of goodies…nectarine, plum, coconut, cinnamon and some bran flakes.  I cooked the barley the night before, making enough for two mornings worth.

This big bowl of goodness held me over right till lunch…thank you high fiber barley, you are my new best friend!

Lunch was the normal school cafeteria food, Korean style.  I would love to photograph some of them for you, but I would feel super weird.  With hundreds of students already staring at me everyday, as well as sitting at a table with all my co-workers, I would be a little embarrassed.  I don’t think they would really understand what I was up to, what with the language barrier and all.  Oh well.

For dinner I had plans to use up my leftover pasta from the other night.  I did some recipe searching and came up with a Spaghetti Frittata.  I had really high hopes for this guy, but it sorta let me down.  I had a difficult time getting the eggs to set, I think it would have been a lot easier if I had an oven to pop it into for the last little bit of cooking.  When I went to flip the sucker over, it fell apart and my beautiful creation was not so beautiful anymore 😦

The important part is the taste though, and it did taste pretty good.  And I always like finding ways to use up my leftovers; wasting food sucks.

After dinns I took a stroll down to the street market to pick up some fresh fruit for the rest of the week. I came back with some huge juicy peaches and some super cute melons.  Look at these guys, aren’t they adorable?

Earlier, before dinner, I had tossed some peach yogurt into the freezer (my version of homemade frozen yogurt), so I decided to whip up a dessert with my new melons and peaches. And what’s a dessert without a little chocolate, cinnamon and coconut?…I think I put them on everything.  Too good to be true.

A nice cool and refreshing dessert. I just noticed that the yogurt with the chocolate balls on top sorta looks like a face… Ha!

Maybe a snowman? Or a bird?

Goodnight to everyone on this side of the world and good day to those who are just beginning theirs.

P.S. What are your fav. leftover recipes?


16 thoughts on “Leftovers Revamped

  1. those melons are too cute! i bet they were amazing – try to sneak away to your office one day so i can see what a “typical” korean lunch is. I know they are healthier than American school lunches; I am intrigued.

    I looove leftovers – especially pasta leftovers. Those have to be my favorite.

  2. Wow – i have been behind in my reading – Everything looks so delicious!!!! I love the camping story – poor Adrian – we won’t tell the dogs at home 🙂

  3. I definitely covet your fruit supply… but not Age’s doggy eating – HA! oh man….

    in other news I read an article about how honey and cinnamon (mixed and separate) can heal about everything. made me think of you. (and our unwitting brilliance)

    love love.

  4. My easiest/favorite way to use leftovers is just throwing everything in a wok together with rice, to make an easy fried rice. Obviously this wouldn’t work with something like spaghetti or pizza, but I bet in Korea this could come in handy!

  5. Sometimes, especially when I am eating somewhere alone I feel so weird taking pictures of my food. Like my iced coffee at Starbucks. I mean really, who in their right mind would take a picture of that EVERY DAY. I think the people that work there think I’m a little coo-coo… Oh the things I do for blogging… 🙂 – Vicky @ vdubb.wordpress.com

  6. What a great idea, I’ve got to try barley for a healthy breakfast cereal! I think the frittata looks pretty good, I completely agree though, it’s the taste that counts in the end! 🙂

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