From Korea to Nepal

Another great day was had, especially because I finished it all off with Indian/Nepalese food.

We met a group of friends downtown for a bite to eat, which was a lovely mid-week treat.

I adore Indian cuisine and the men that run this restaurant are so sweet and welcoming.  It’s like you are coming into their home; I love that.  The restaurant is called The First Nepal.  So if by some super random reason you find yourself in Gwangju, South Korea, head on in and eat your little heart out…it’s delicious!

Adrian and I adore samosas, so we started off with some off those as an app.  I enjoyed half of one of them…I was secretly saving room for naan bread.

I usually always go for the Chana Masala (chickpea curry), but tonight I went out on a limb and got the Chicken Tikka Masala and it most definitely did not disappoint.

Mmmmm! 1/4 had been eaten at this point.  It looked so good I just dove right in and remembered to take a pic.  Oops…

And one order of beloved Naan on the side.

I need to try and make some Naan myself; I love it so much.  Piping hot, dipping it into some curry…wholly yum.

A great meal with some great people; couldn’t be better.

Have a great night.

What is your favorite Indian dish?


4 thoughts on “From Korea to Nepal

  1. On more than one occasion on my last vacation I started eating before pictures were taken – there was definitely some food-rearranging going on! Can you believe I’ve never had tikka masala? I feel like the only one. Lame!

    • Ha!
      Well now you have an excuse to go out and treat yourself to some Indian food.
      It’s always good to have an excuse!

  2. I LOVE Indian food. I wrote down Jenna’s recipe for Channa Masala, but have yet to make it. And I love Chicken Saag, which is the dish with curry. And of course naan bread on the side. It is SOOO good. I just decided, since I am only here three more nights and can’t buy anymore food, one of those nights will be take out Indian! – Vicky @

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