Mud Fest

Another great adventure was had this past weekend.

This weekend marked the start of the annual Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea.  I did not attend it last year, so I was pretty psyched.  The Mud Festival is located on the West coast of South Korea, on a huge beach that usually packs hundreds of thousands of people who come to enjoy the mud.  A lot of the mud is trucked in from the surrounding area, which is used for mud slides, mud painting, mud fights etc.  Supposedly the mud is rich in special minerals that are super good for your skin…who knows if that is true or not? But it does provide a cheap facial.

The weather on Saturday was not really optimal, but we geared up and faced the rain.  When our purpose is to play around in the mud, rain is not really a factor.

Adrian all geared up! And yes, those are plastic baggies on his feet. Ha! Riding in style, eh?

The rain did not keep people away, that’s for sure.  It was sort of a surreal experience.  I honestly felt like I was on Daytona Beach or something.  The number of foreigners definitely outnumbered the Koreans.

A muddy pool of people.

My muddy friends.

Adrian met some new friends!

Luckily the weather on Sunday was significantly better and we were able to clock in some sun tanning time.  We rode home on beautiful afternoon; it couldn’t have been better.

For dinner a whipped up a quick meal. Some brown rice, a sesame bean sprout salad, and a kimchi-tuna concoction on top of tofu.  Quite yum indeed.

This week I begin teaching two weeks of English Summer Camp at my school.  Two more weeks and then I am on holiday! My schedule is very chill though.  I am only teaching in the morning.  I can’t complain, I am super lucky.

Have a happy Monday.  Hope your week starts off as good as mine did.


8 thoughts on “Mud Fest

    • I teach in a middle school here. I teach mainly conversational classes, with a little grammar thrown in there at times.
      I work with the Korean/English teachers, so they help me out in the classroom with translation, if need be. The teaching hours are quite minimal and the job is great. I would reccommend it to anyone. South Korea is a beautiful country, it’s cheap and it’s the perfect place to save some money.

  1. Oooh, an excuse to get covered in mud!
    Your dinner looks lovely, too. I always hear about kimchi and I have yet to try it, though I would really to!

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