Salad in a Bowl and a little Wrap & Roll

Just a quick little post before I go and educate myself with the latest episode of The Bachelorette. Surely I am not alone here? This week’s episode looks like a goodie.

My tummy has been quite content over the past couple of dinners.

I love simple suppers that I can just quickly mix up.  Even when I am feeling lazy; I can still chop of some veggies and throw something healthy together.

Yesterday’s din din was a big salad bowl.  Can never go wrong with this one.  Cooked barley on the bottom topped with eggplant, tofu, shrimp, carrots, peppers and salsa.

All mixed up!

For tonight’s dinner I was craving sweet potato again, so it needed to be in the mix.  One of my fav. things to do with sweet potato is to stuff them in a wrap with other veggies and beans.  This is probably one of my weekly staples…so easy, so delicious.

Fry up some veg.

Throw in some beans.

Wrap it on up!

(I always place my wraps on a hot pan for a couple minutes before serving.  It makes the outside nice and crispy and it seals in all the goodness)

Be thankful for the yumtastic food.

And devour!

Every bite enjoyed, especially because I consumed it with some Jamaican pineapple salsa on the side.  Don’t even ask me why such a product was found here in Korea; very random indeed, but it made me very happy!

Have a great day/night.

What is your go-to meal?


7 thoughts on “Salad in a Bowl and a little Wrap & Roll

  1. Such good-looking meals! I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes….but your wraps look perfect….mine are usually such a mess! I think I might try to overstuff them a bit…oops!

    • I am the queen of over-stuffing my wraps! The filling is my fav part, so I always try to squeeze as much in as I can.

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