My week in a nutshell

A baseball game, baking and the beach make for a great week.

Our current laid back teaching schedule has enabled us to be out and about more enjoying the summer afternoons.  I love it.

We experienced our first Korean baseball game mid-week, but unfortunately our team lost…Boo!

Adrian enjoying his mini can of beer…cute eh?

Go team, go!

I also had lots of fun teaching my students how to bake.  On Wednesday we made rice krispie squares and on Friday we baked up some chocolate chip cookies.  We had a blast.  Many of them have never had any experience with baking before, so they were so happy and in love with the final product…too cute!

It made it extra special for me to be able to share something I love with them…it was also a fun way to teach them some English, in a unique way through recipes.

They did a super job! I was such a proud teacher.

At the end of the week we headed cross country to one of our fav. beaches in South Korea, Haeundae beach.

Perfect weather.

Koreans are really big on using umbrellas.  This shot does not really give a good perspective, but the majority of the beach area, probably about 95%, is covered in umbrellas.  It’s quite the sight.

We topped the day off with a yummy buffet.  I am in love with any buffet that has huge salad selections!

Some raw fish, spicy tofu, broccoli salad, spinach salad and many more.  I think I visited the buffet line maybe 4 times, I lost count!

Other then visiting the beach, we actually went to Busan for a specific purpose.  I bought something quite substantial, but I will leave you hanging until my next post.  It’s exciting and a little nerve wrecking all at the same time.

Till then,


14 thoughts on “My week in a nutshell

  1. Your week sounds so nice and relaxing!! I’m not a big fan of umbrellas on beaches – I went there to get some sun!

    Me + salad bars = pure bliss. I’m pretty sure salad bar buffets don’t know what hit them when I leave there! I’m sure they lose money on me 🙂

  2. What a great week! That’s so cute that you taught them some english while also giving them the gift of baking! Everyone should learn how to make a good cookie 😉

  3. that’s interesting about the koreans and beach umbrellas – i live close to koreatown in l.a. and whenever i go hiking the koreans are totally covered up – even on their faces – i guess tanning is not desired.

    • That about sums it up. Sun is the devil here in Korea!
      They are super big into hiking and being outdoors, just so long as their skin is not showing.

    • It’s not always easy, but I am trying to make it interesting for them.
      They are forced into learning English at such an early age…so I want to try and help them
      to have a positive attitude towards learning English; not something that they dread.

  4. Just stopped by your blog to check it out! Your life is so interesting 🙂 I love that you taught your students how to bake some goodies! Can’t wait to keep reading.

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