Leftover Naan Three Ways

Have been having a pretty relaxing weekend here.  Lots of rain = no motivation to leave the house or do anything productive.  I did muster up the strength to meet with some friends for a manicure and some dinner, which was great.

Since my naan making extravaganza the other day, I have been reaping the benefits of having leftover naan bread in the fridge.

1st up was an Peanuty Asian inspired salad piled high on the naan.

Cabbage, sprouts, peppers, carrots, lettuce, dressed with a little sesame oil, soya, honey.  After re-heating the naan in a pan I spread some PB on top and then put the salad over that.  Super yum.

2nd up, for Adrian to enjoy, was a “Toad in the Hole” on naan, with a side of home fries.  I did not try a bite, but Adrian confirmed that it was delicious.  Did your parent’s ever make you “eggs in a hole” when you were younger?  My Mom would always make “dippy eggs in a cup” with little “soldier” toast sticks on the side.  Fun with eggs!

3rd time’s a charm.  Fruit Pizza on naan.

I mashed up some banana and mixed it in with some plain yogurt and cinnamon for my “pizza sauce.”  I sliced up some golden kiwi, nectarine and apple for my toppings.  I pan toasted up my naan, spread on the “sauce,” arranged my fruit and sprinkled it all with some coconut.  Perfection.

Leftovers rock!

What are your fav. rainy day activities?

Hope you are having a splendid weekend.


9 thoughts on “Leftover Naan Three Ways

  1. looove the 3 different ways to use naan! i totally agree that leftovers are the best…especially when you can get creative and make the meal something completely different 🙂 My favorite rainy day activities are sleeping in and staying in bed all day watching movies or reading with a cup of tea!

  2. Oh, I love anything with peanut sauce! And the fruit pizza is such a good idea!!

    I really like to curl up on the couch and read on a rainy day and drink lots of tea.

  3. So creative! I love all your different naan ideas, especially the Asian salad. My mom always made us dippy eggs! I thought we were the only ones that called it that but I’m glad we aren’t alone 🙂

  4. Your naan creations all sound fabulous! Especially #1 – I like that the peanut butter is just slathered right on it, under the salad 🙂 As for #2 I used to eat that too but we called it “eggs in a frame”. not as cute as toad in a hole!

  5. I love your ideas to use naan bread. I keep some in stock for the days when I get home late and need a quick dinner, but it would usually be just the regular, old “naan pizza” with tomato sauce and some veggies or mushrooms on top. I’ll have to try some of yours one day – specially the first one!

    This might sound a bit strange, but my favorite rainy day activity is actually walking in the rain. I like to take a good, big umbrella and rubber boots and go for a long walk, even in pouring rain. I love the way the nature smells during or after the rain; and while I often suffer from allergy in a dry weather, there are no problems when it rains. 😉 Now that I’m living in a big city, I also enjoy those rainy walks because there are less people around, and I can almost have the city to myself.

    I do not like getting caught in a misty type of rain, though – specially not on bike!!

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