End of Summer Minestrone

I have seriously been craving soup lately.  Don’t ask me why, because the weather is still insanely hot and humid.  Maybe it’s my way of showing that I am ready for a bit cooler climate.

I had lots of zucchini, peppers and carrots on hand, so  I decided to throw together a  Minestrone soup.

I did my Insanity workout, going against my body’s protest to just flop on the couch, and then began to work on dinner.  I drank a couple huge glasses of water to rehydrate after my workout and then treated myself to a glass of red while I was cooking…it was a good post workout incentive.

Here I am cooking away, post-workout, in my tiny box of a kitchen .  It really is just a hole in the wall…It’s a bit tricky for both Adrian and I to be in there at the same time.  This little space houses the gas range, sink, fridge and washer.  The days of counter space are long gone, but we make it work.

Lots of yummy veggies chopped up and ready to go.

Tossed into the pot with some diced tomatoes, kidney beans and eventually some whole wheat pasta.

Bubbling away!

The colour is darker than your typical Minestrone as I couldn’t help but put a splash of red wine into the pot.  I fine addition I must say.


This was devoured along with a slice of a fresh baguette and an extra splash of wine.  It’s Friday tomorrow, I’m allowed !

I love myself a good bowl of soup. Although I do love the summer, I secretly long for cooler days where craving a hot bowl of soup is more normal and desired.

Happy day to you all 🙂


13 thoughts on “End of Summer Minestrone

  1. Such a cute little kitchen! When I lived in Italy there were 3 girls trying to fit in one tiny kitchen and it was hysterical. If you can make something that looks that amazing in that kitchen you can make anything! I don’t blame you for the red wine in the soup…did it accidentally fall in after too many glasses?!

  2. You are a girl after my own heart — I’ve been longing for soup too! 🙂 It’s supposed to be in the 60’s on Saturday and I’m planning to celebrate by making soup. Yours looks really delicious!

  3. Hi Cara,

    Wow! You look great! It definitely shows how conscious you are about what you put in your mouth. Good for you!

    I lived in Ontario(not the town though), Canada for a year and I absolutely loved it. I love all Canadians. I think they are absolutely awesome, including you! 🙂

    I love reading your posts, so please, keep them coming!


  4. Is your top from Old Navy? If so I have the same one. Best cheap workout top I ever bought!

    Last week the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and you better believe I was craving soup right away!

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