Friday Night BBQ

I was thrilled when I finally got to leave school on Friday.  It wasn’t a particularly hard day at work, but I was still exhausted and ready to go home and just flop on the couch.  We had plans to go out for a movie, but the movie selection and times were not working in out favor, so we opted to go out for some Korean BBQ instead.

We found this great BBQ restaurant around the corner from our apartment.  A dinner for two for only $9.00.  It’s the best deal ever! Adrian enjoyed lots of grilled meat (Korea’s specialty), while I enjoyed lots of grilled tofu.

Typically you take a lettuce leaf and put your meat, sauce, garlic and grilled onions inside, wrap it up and then stuff the whole package into your mouth in one huge bite. I did the same same, but with tofu instead.  Yum!

The best thing about Korean BBQ is that you get tons of side dishes, salads, kimchi, soup, eggs etc., and they are all unlimited.  I am a sucker for free stuff, I love it!

Kimchi and tofu; tossed on the grill together, they become best friends!

Green onion and bean sprout salad…I think I ate about two bowls of this.  The sweet and spicy sauce is so addictive.

Lots of fresh lettuce wrappers!

If you ever have the chance to go to a Korean BBQ give it a go.  It’s a fun way to eat a meal.  There’s something cool about being able to cook your own meal on a grill in the middle of the table.  Especially with a group of friends, it adds a cool social/sharing element to the meal.

I have no set plans for today.  Workout, produce shopping at the street market around and then….I don’t know?

We are meeting some of our friends tonight for dinner.  I am trying to set up one of my co-teachers with a nice guy we met a couple weeks ago.  Here’s hoping for romance.  I am usually not one for match making, but maybe we will have success.

Have you ever had success with match making for your friends?

I you could choose one thing to toss on a BBQ what would you go for?

Have a fantastic weekend.  Enjoy it to the fullest!


6 thoughts on “Friday Night BBQ

  1. Your Korean BBQ looks delish. I’ve never tried it. I’m sort of stuck on old fashioned…I like BBQ chicken best and I also love veggies on the grill.
    I had one experience with matchmaking. It worked, but they were divorced 5 years later. I gave up after that!

  2. I’ve had Korean bbq one time and I’d really like to go back and bring my husband along – I think he’d really like it. I couldn’t get on board with the kimchi though, which is weird because there are so few foods I dislike! Maybe I just need to try it again. For $9 to feed two people, I could get a lot of tries 🙂

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