Just breathe

Oh Mondays, how I dislike you!

As I opened my eyes this morning I did not want to believe that it was Monday morning.  I really wanted to ignore the time on my watch, snuggle back under the covers and sleep a little while longer. Bahh! No such luck.

Do you know what makes Mondays a little better?

Pancakes.  Yogurt oatmeal pancakes to be exact.  Mmmm!

My Mondays at work are quite easy, so I can’t complain, it’s just getting my body and mind back into the swing of things that is the challenge.

My morning at work started out poorly…you know those days when your tiredness mixes with your emotions producing a really negative result, well that about sums up my morning.

I was chatting with my parents via skype having a nice little chat about life and future plans.  They were offering me their very loving and parently advice, which resulted in my escalated homesickness and non-stop tears (at work of all places!) Man oh man…I was a mess.  Luckily I have an office to myself so no one else had to be a spectator to my sob fest.

I’m better now; sometimes you just gotta release those pent up feelings, and just breathe.

Onto less emotional things…food!

Adrian was out with a friend tonight so I decided to whip up some quick savory oats.  It was my first time experimenting with them.  I know, what took me so long?

I did a mix of barley and oats and mixed in some sweet potato, onion, and peppers.  I seasoned my bowl with some chili powder and cumin and topped it all off with an egg and some salsa.  Visually this bowl is less than appealing, but it did taste pretty good.  I will try it again with some different flavor combos.  I think I need to add something else to give it some crunch.

Warning, unattractive photo ahead.

Have you tried savory oats before? I would love to hear about your favorite add-ins. Mine could use a little spruce up.

Have a super day/night.


12 thoughts on “Just breathe

  1. Pancakes definitely make Mondays better! 😉 For a little crunch, why not crisp up the sweet potato before adding it to the savory oats? (Almost like hash brown potatoes, but with sweet potato.) You could also saute up some bell pepper and still leave it a little crunchy…

  2. I’ve never tried savoury oats, but I think I’m going to have to 🙂 I like Faiths addition as well – you guys have definatly got my taste buds working overtime trying to imagine this combination of tastes.
    I remember when I was in London skyping home to Momma and the big old sobs, & yes…, so true. Sometimes you just gotta breath..
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I will try Faith’s suggestion next time. You’ll have to let me know what you come up with.
      I am glad I am not alone in the homesickness department and that you can relate.

  3. I’m with you – pancakes make every day better! I do oatmeal or protein pancakes on many weekday mornings, actually. But savory oats? I’ve heard the stories but can’t get on board just yet!

  4. I’m not a big fan of savory oatmeal, but I use some other grains (including whole/stone ground oats) to make mushroom oats. They taste quite good, specially if you make them with dried mushrooms and use the soaking liquid as the base – and sprinkle with some truffle oil or mushroom soy sauce. Using some whole grains or even adding a little black/brown/red rice will give it some chew – though not necessarily crunch. 😉 Then again, this will prolong the cooking time quite a little.

    I’m sorry to hear you were feeling homesick. 😦 It happens to me as well, despite being a much shorter flight away from my parents. Thankfully we have Skype today – I can’t even imagine how it would have been some 50 years ago?

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