Tomato Poached Eggs Over Barley

My sincere apologies for my anti-blogging feelings lately.  You know when you are just NOT feeling it? That has been me over the past two weeks or so.  I guess I just needed a break.

Although I have not been blogging about my food and adventures, I have still been doing lots and making + eating lots as well.  The eating is always the best part.

Today’s meal was super easy and speedy, which is great for a Monday evening when you are tired from your first day of the week back at work and an intense workout.

I was cravings something eggy. I concocted a veggie tomato sauce (onion, carrots, pepper, zucchini, eggplant, and diced tomatoes) and poached 3 eggs on top…Two for the man who likes his protein and one for me.

I served this mix on top of barley.  If I had some parm kicking around I would have put a few shaves on top, or some chopped parsley if I had that too, but alas, I had neither, so I enjoyed as is.  The perfect weeknight meal.

Crack your eggies into the sauce and cover for a couple of minutes.

Open the the lid and see the little guys shining brightly inside

Poached egg perfection

I am off to do some studying and then will catch up on some Gossip Girl.  I am a week behind, Eeek!

Take Care.

Do you have a favorite egg creation?


5 thoughts on “Tomato Poached Eggs Over Barley

  1. Ooh, gossip girl, good idea. I’m trying to indulge in as many girly tv shows as possible before Scott comes home. I’ve started with Desperate Housewives, season I 🙂

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