Curried Coconut Squash Soup

I have been craving a bursting with flavor curried soup for a while now.  My blender took an untimely death (the second one that has died on me in 3 months) so creamy soups and smoothies have only surfaced in my dreams.  Today I made it my mission to go out and buy a blender.  I ended up just getting a hand blender, which will more than suffice for the job.

I chopped up an acorn squash along with some carrots, potatoes and onion and tossed them all in the pot.  I mixed in some spices, all sorts of spices I can’t even really remember now, and eventually stirred in some coconut milk before blending.

Along side this comforting bowl of goodness I served up some homemade naan bread.  I used the same easy peasy recipe as before, but just cut it in half this time.

I love a good bowl of soup!

This soup was promptly followed by a couple of leftover macaroons from last night.  I made sure to set some aside; a secret stash one might say! Yum!

I am off to watch some “trashy” TV, as my husband would call it.  If only he could appreciate the goodness of girly shows and reality TV…Ha, maybe in another lifetime 🙂

Have a fab day.

p.s. I read the most interesting article today on the New York Times website;  Communal Table: The 36-Hour Dinner Party.  Written by Michael Pollan, it is an account of a weekend of cooking and eating over a wood burning earth oven.  It’s a great article about food and how cooking can be such a communal activity.


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