Korean Comfort Food

The perfect Fall day requires a perfect bowl of comforting food.

I love how a bowl of hot soup or stew can make me feel all happy inside.  The feeling that a bowl of something hot can bring is so delightful.

Tonights menu was not made by my.  I take most Wednesdays off from the kitchen and Adrian and I usually go grab something cheap down the street.

One of my fav. Korean soups is called soon-doo-boo jijae, which roughly translates into soft tofu stew.  It consists of a spicy red pepper broth, soft tofu, little clams, egg and onion.  The spices and the temperature of the dish instantly heat the body up.  The bowl is fired right on an open flame and is served to the table at a rip-roaring boil.

Most satisfying.

Adrian enjoyed a firing bowl of bi-bim-bap…rice with mixed veggies and a spicy red sauce.  A raw egg is cracked on top of it all! Because the bowl is so hot when served to the table, you just give it a good mix around and it totally cooks the egg.  A delicious dish that is so easy to make.

The one thing I love about eating spicy foods is that it gives me an excuse to follow the meal with ice cream. Of course I “need” the ice cream to cool down my fiery tongue and happily rumbling tummy!  I great reason to indulge, I do think!

Take Care.

What is one comforting dish that makes you happy, inside and out?


6 thoughts on “Korean Comfort Food

  1. Korean food always looks so interesting and appealing with all the colors! And for awhile I was staring at Adrian’s bowl thinking…where is the egg?! Haha took me awhile to realize where it was. I don’t blame you for cooling off with ice cream!!

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