ESL Antics

Happy almost weekend!

My day started off with this and it was fabulous.

I delicious bowl of barley with diced squash, apples, bananas, blueberries and raisins.  Spiced up with some cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and PB and J.

What a great way to kick start the day.  Delish!

I don’t talk about my job too much on the blog, but I do love my job!

This is my second year teaching English in Korea.  Last year I was teaching in a private school and this year I am teaching in a public middle school.  Although the job can test my patience at times, for the majority of the time, I am having a blast. If you ever want to experience the feeling of being a pop star, teach English in a foreign country, it’s hilarious.

For the past two weeks I have been doing speaking tests with the students. I give them a basic dialogue and they have to change some of the parts and out in there own information.  So I wanted to share two of my favorites that had mr rolling with laughter. (the dialogue is based on everyday life and making plans with your friends)


Student: “Teacher, what are you doing this Sunday?”

Me: “Not much, why?

Students: “Do you want to go to the sauna with me and my father?”

Me: “Sure at what time?”

Student: “Does 5:00 work for you?”

Me: “Sounds great”

Students: “We’ll meet you there.”

I try to be serious with the students and keep a straight face, but when the student blurted that one out, I couldn’t help but laugh.  (Cultural note: going to the sauna with one’s family and friends is quite common here in Korea, but it just seemed extra funny to me that it was with him and his father 🙂


Student: “Teacher what are you doing this Friday?”

Me: “Not much, why?”

Student: “Do you want to go to the nightclub with my grandma?”

Me: “Sure, what time was she thinking?”

Student: ” Does 4:00 work for you?”

Me “Sounds great”

Student: “She’ll meet you there.”

Ha! For starters, who goes to a nightclub at 4 in the afternoon? And with his grandma? This one killed me! I actually had to apologize to the student as I could not stop laughing.  He knew it was funny though and felt pretty accomplished that he made me laugh 🙂

Oh the joys!

Adrian and I had a lovely Friday night.  We are starting to plan our winter vacation…It’s always fun to dream about places you want to visit.  We are thinking Philippines and Bali; have you been there? We are always up for taking suggestions on places to see.

After looking at the world map for a while, discussing possible vacation spots over a glass of red, we headed out to our favorite Thai restaurant for dinner. Pad Thai and Green Curry, how I love thee.

One happy man enjoying his Pad Thai and Thai beer.

And my “no words can describe how delicious” coconut green curry.


Have a lovely weekend my friends.


Have you traveled in South East Asia? If no, what would be your dream vacation in this neck of the woods?


8 thoughts on “ESL Antics

  1. Hey, I’ll meet their grandma at 4 anytime!! I can’t stay up late enough for night clubs anymore. Maybe we could even drink coffee instead of alcohol! It’s Korea, of course we could drink coffee!! 🙂 Fun times. You should take video next time.

  2. Omg, this post is hilarious. The grandma nightclubbing one is toooo funny. There is no way I would have been able to keep it together!

    I looooove green curry. Once I tried it in Thailand, I think I literally ate it on a daily basis for a month.

    Bali sounds so exciting- my friend and are were trying to squeeze Bali into our travel plans but unfortunately we don’t have time. It looks just beautiful!!

  3. I so enjoyed this post. The narrative and pictures are both wonderful and any entry that mentions green curry gets an A+ from me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  4. Love the conversations, how funny! It sounds like you have such a rewarding job! Can’t wait to see where you decide to go on your winter vacation, very exciting!

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