School Lunches

I had a lovely day today.

Days always start off well when you nourish yourself with this:

Carrot cake inspired barley.  So good! In the mix went some grated carrots, diced apples, raisins, a couple blueberries and some ground flax.  Loved it.

My day continued to get better as I only taught two classes in the morning and then I was finished work for the day, yeah nation wide test! But, not before I had the most fabulous of cafeteria lunches.  Some school lunches are mediocre and some are great; I was so thankful that today was a “great” day.

Today’s tray consisted of Bibimbap (mixed rice and vegetables with a spicy red pepper paste) along with some seaweed miso soup and kimchi, of course!

Cafeteria lunches in Korea are far from the fare that graces the trays in North America.  All fresh food cooked every day, no frozen packaged stuff here.  The meals generally consist of similar things each day: A bowl of soup, (new kind each day) rice, two side dishes such as kimchi and a protein, like grilled fish, pork or chicken.  The flavors are always great, though sometimes it is a bit carb heavy, but in moderation it’s OK.

Boys Line

Girls Line

I never bought lunch at school when I was in high school (I was a brown bagger), but I saw the food that was consumed on a regular basis by hundreds of students.  It still floors me that french fries and hamburgers are the norm in our cafeterias; what is wrong with us?

I love love love the work that Jamie Oliver is doing in the England and American school systems, but what a challenge he has with it.  Have you seen his show? I love how passionate he is and it breaks my heart how the school cooks and administration are  reluctant and somewhat ignorant to change.  Baby steps!

At any rate, I enjoy seeing the cultural differences in cafeteria fare.  It goes to show that if children are educated on healthy eating practiced from an early age, healthy food becomes the norm.  Korean kids have no problem eating barley, vegetables, miso soup and kimchi for lunch, as it is what they have been raised on.

So as a woman who will hopefully one day be a mother, a dietician, and a positive role model, I will make it my personal mission to educate those around me.  It’s small, but it has to start somewhere.  Even now, my friends are often intrigued by my diet and are curious about the healthy choices that I choose to make, which goes to show that my choices do have a “ripple effect.”

Adrian and I treated ourselves to dinner out tonight.  Adrian is making a lesson for his students about food from other countries, so he decided that we need to visit all the foreign food joints (the top notch ones) in our city to share with his students.  So our first stop was to Lemon Table, an all organic pizza, pasta and burger joint.

In an attempt to wow his students, Adrian ordered the onion ring mountain burger.  Have you ever seen anything this huge? Ha!


Mine was not as exciting.  Just a grilled chicken burger with a fresh orange dressing.  Good, but not mind blowing.

I love great days.

I hope your was as fabulous as mine.

Tomorrow I have the day off of school thanks to more nation wide testing, so I am whipping up a couple HUGE pots of chili for a chili party that I am hosting on Saturday.  I will keep you posted on all the chili goodness.

Take good care.




17 thoughts on “School Lunches

  1. What great school lunches. It is amazing to see such attention paid to cafeteria food in other cultures. I really enjoyed this post, but them I always love to visit here. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  2. GOODNESS that’s a massive burger!! I couldn’t imagine eating it lmho, but I bet it sure taste good. 😛

    Those kids have it lucky in Korea with their lunches..they’d probably be appauled to see the stuff they serve here!

  3. I absolutely agree with you about nutrition in schools. I think it’s so necessary that healthy foods become the norm…if this is what kids always ate, they wouldn’t complain! I was lucky to have a great cafeteria in high school that offered healthy choices for when I didn’t pack my lunch.

    P.S. That onion ring mountain is INSANE!!!!

  4. Yayyy! Another dose of Korean life :)I love hearing about all the details. Why is there a boys line and a girls line? Do they get different foods or is that just a way to organize them? Very cool! And that burger is massive!

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