Chili Night

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had as glorious a weekend as I did.

I cooked lots, made yummy treats, ate lots and had a wonderful  time with friends; what more could be better?

I hosted a chili night at our place on Saturday and it was quite a success.  When living in a foreign country the comforts of home, food playing a major part, are extra special.  If you have ever lived abroad I am sure that you know exactly what I mean.  As a person who gets great joy from cooking for other people, I was ecstatic that I could provide a warm and comforting bowl of chili for my friends.  They loved every bite! I love giving the gift of food, it’s so satisfying to see people’s tummy’s so happy.

I cooked up two pots of chili.  One extra large meat lovers pot and one veggie delight.  I used the same recipe for both, but subbed in tofu for the veggie pot.  Cooking the chili two days in advance proved to be an excellent idea.  It gave lots of time for all those flavors to mingle around.

I used a new recipe this time around (I know, never try a new recipe when you are entertaining, what was I thinking?!) and it provided a rich deep flavored chili.  The secret ingredient you may ask? A really nice dark brown beer.  I would never consider myself a beer drinker, but the flavor it provides to a pot of chili is extraordinary.

Here are all my ingredients, minus a few veggies.

I took these ingredients and magically turned them into this…


One meaty pot of goodness…for my hubbie and all my meat lover friends.

And one pot filled with tons of veggies, beans and tofu!

And I wouldn’t be a good host if I didn’t include dessert.

I whipped up two super easy mouth watering chocolate treats.

One: Cara’s Peanut Butter Cups

Look at those beauties!

Two: Coconut crusted chocolate fudge balls

These little chocolate calls have dried cranberries, raisin, cashews and walnuts inside. A special treat when you take your first bite.  They honestly melt right in your mouth, need I say more?

Well that’s about all she wrote.  I actually took no shots of the actual party, I did happen, trust me 😉 I was to preoccupied being a good hostess and catering to my guests, or at least that’s the excuse I will make for being a bad food blogger. Another successful cooking/eating adventure down.

Adrian and I have now eaten 3 dinners worth of chili in a row and still have some left over 🙂

Anyone have ideas of what to can make with chili leftovers? Suggestions would be appreciated.  One cannot waste the goodness of chili, we will just keeping reusing it in different ways. So send along your ideas.

Have a super start to the new week.

Take good care,



12 thoughts on “Chili Night

  1. I wish we lived abroad with you! WOW! love that chili and the desserts!
    I like to use leftover chili to make vegetable enchildas. Just scoop out chili (drain the broth) and fill into tortillas, roll it up, cover with a little cheese and bake. Maybe top with the avocado, yum!

  2. Beautiful look peanut butter cups! I wish I had one to go with my cup of coffee!! Can I get the recipe from you? What did you put them in to set? I should do that this year instead of a cookie for my cookie tins (last year, I think I ended up with over twelve different kinds of cookie, brownies, chocolate covered pretzel stix…)

    Chili leftovers! I cook rice and put chili on top (that is SO Asian, picked that up from my Hawaiian friends from college). Fry and egg and put it on top for breakfast. Obviously you can make chili burritos or chili on a baked potato. Add noodles and make it a pasta type dish with melted cheese. But what I normally do, is make a really big veggie salad and then put on chili sub as a dressing. That’s my favorite. Loads of fresh veggies and beans, what could be better? But also, if your freezer is big enough, I freeze it in individual sizes and then grab and run for those days I forget to make my lunch (although, I guess, in Korea- you never have to worry about that)…

    🙂 Anyhow, long winded rant. Sorry. Thanks for the pics! Gotta make me some of those peanut butter cups! Maybe I should do that Wednesday night for Thanksgiving.

  3. Mmm chili, is soooo comforting. The only problem is using the massive batch of leftovers!! I usually put mine in small single serving containers and freeze is, so I can heat and eat when I’m in a hurry. I love the look of those little chocolate balls!

  4. That chili looks so good! I just came across your blog and was immediately drawn to it because I’m Korean American 🙂 Looking at your pictures (even just of the cafeteria line!) made me miss it so much. I studied there a couple of summers ago, and I can’t wait to go back! If you don’t mind my asking, where in Korea are you staying?

    • Oh the cafeteria lines!
      I am glad that the teachers don’t have to
      stand in them 🙂
      I live in Gwangju. It’s a nice sized city, not too big.
      I am really loving it. Though I still have a soft spot
      for Busan; where we lived last year.

  5. GIRL this post is making me droooooooool! Oh my goodness!! those coconut fudge balls are major food porn. Thank you so much for giving me those awesome links for thanksgiving suggestions!! You are the sweetest EVER!

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