A View from the Inside

For many of you living on the outside, and by outside I’m referring to anywhere other than Korea, you would probably think that Korea is quite the hostile country, especially now.

The other day North Korea decided to fire off some artillery shells on a small South Korean island, North-West of where I live.  The battles between the two Koreas are ongoing and have been this way over the past fifty years or so.


This attack was the North’s most recent attempt to garner some global attention, resulting in  some causalities and, of course, elevated hostility between the two nations. What is interesting is that South Koreans are not fazed by it at all.  The news that is presented in North America portrays this situation as life threating and disastrous, but to Koreans living here, it’s just another day and another example to them of how unstable the president of North Korea is, or as my students would say “crazy man!”

So as friends and relatives from home worry about our safety, and mainstream news is telling us that we are under attack,  to us it’s just another day.  So rest assured that little Cara is OK and she is safe and sound in her warm little apartment (thank you space heater, I love you 😉

On a lighter note, I made a delicious soup for dinner.

Nothing too special or out of this world; but even a simple soup can work wonders.  I don’t even know if I can think of a name for this soup, it’s more of a mix mash of a bunch of things I was craving at the time and needed to have them altogether in one place.  Enter the Lentil barley sweet potato squash  pepper  spinach soup. Catchy name eh? Maybe I should re-think my blog post title to this? 😉

Along with cereal and ice cream I could eat soup every day and be a happy camper…though my husband may start complaining that he can’t remember the last time he has eaten solid foods.  Compromise, it can be a bummer sometimes!

Here’s my soupy.  One cheesy bowl for the man and one less exciting bowl for me.  I have nothing against cheese, I just wasn’t feeling it.

And I may or may not have had one of these for dessert?!

If they are there of course I am going to eat one. Who are we kidding here?

One little ball on a stick makes the perfect post-dinner treat. Mmmm!

Happy almost Thanksgiving to all you Americans…Be thankful and gracious for all you have and have a wonderful time with you families.  I will live vicariously through your delicious meals.  If only left-overs could be shipped internationally 🙂

Take Care.


12 thoughts on “A View from the Inside

  1. So good to hear that you are safe over there. When I was in Thailand there were protestors that shut down the airport, so I was unable to get home. While my family was freaking out over here by the reports of bombs and guns…..I was relaxing for an extra week’s vacation, with no sign of danger anywhere!!

    Your soup looks amazing!!

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for the post. It’s interesting because in class today, the students asked me about the North Korea situation. Some people over here in the states really talk it up, making it sound scary. And don’t get me wrong, it is. But having been there for the submarine bit in March-May, I have a different perspective. I was trying to communicate that to the students, you know, for a different perspective… They had a hard time believe it’s just another day over there for you guys…
    Your soup looks great!

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