An American for a Day

Happy Friday night!

For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope that it was wonderful.  I love any holiday that brings family and friends  together over a delicious meal.  Although I am not American I will be celebrating a belated Thanksgiving on Saturday with a group of English teachers here.  It will be the first time that I have ever partaken in an American Thanksgiving.  Our American friends have graciously let us Canadians join in their festivity, which I am very thankful of.  Us foreigners here have gotta stick together!

I am not to sure what will be on the menu, but I am sure it will be delish.  We are getting all the fixings, most importantly the turkey, from the US army base.  The army base is doing some sort of fundraiser, selling Thanksgiving meals to foreigners, to raise money for some good cause.  The frozen turkey along with cranberry, gravy, and stuffing are getting shipped across Korea for us to enjoy…Yum!

Random fact: Turkeys do not exist here in Korea.  When I was teaching my students about Thanksgiving and showing them pics of a thanksgiving meal they kept saying, “Wow, teacher, that’s the biggest chicken I have ever seen!”  They don’t know what they are missing.

I am so excited that I get to enjoy a thanksgiving meal because 1. we did not celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October and 2. I have been quite jealous over all the food and recipes that all you talented bloggers have been posting lately.

On to some of my eats for the day…

I started my morning off with this knock your socks off delicious blueberry barley bowl. It tastes great, it’s super filling and it’s pretty to look at 🙂

Apples, a frozen banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, dried cranberries, some ground flax, coconut and PB.

Lunch was the usual school cafeteria fare; rice, miso cabbage soup, veggies and two kinds of kimchi.  Love the lunches, but I never seem to get enough protein to carry me through the afternoon, I am always hungry a couple hours later…thank goodness for apples.

Dinner tonight was Korean inspired.  This is one of my favorite Korean dishes.  It is called BiBimBap, which translates to mixed vegetables and rice.  It’s the simplest thing to make and it bursts with tons of good flavor, thanks to the spicy red pepper paste. Mmmmm!

This dish is quite versatile.  For my mix I included some carrots, onions, green pepper, sprouts, squash and tofu, topped with a fried egg, a good dollop of  pepper paste and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Bibimbap is always served in a metal bowl and eaten with a spoon.  Not chopsticks you may ask? Nope! You will get some very strange looks if you eat your bowl with chopsticks, but I break the rules sometimes regardless of this fact.

I’ll keep you posted on my upcoming thanksgiving eats.  I am super excited.  I know thanksgiving is now officially over, but I am happy that, in my case, I have been granted an extension on the holiday.

Take Care.



P.S. What was your favorite dish that you enjoyed this thanksgiving?


6 thoughts on “An American for a Day

  1. My friend tried to pick at her bibimbap with chopsticks once, and I kind of flipped out. Bibimbap is meant to be spooned hungrily, not picked at!

    A Thanksgiving feast in Korea, huh? I’d love to see that! And I wonder why Koreans don’t import turkey? But I’m pretty sure they have turkey deli?

  2. I’ve had ‘Dolsot Bibimbap’ many times here in the States… it’s my go-to dish when eating Korean.

    I’m curious, what is the official etiquette for eating that? I believe we have only ever been given chopsticks to eat it… it’s interesting that the cold Bibimbap is eaten with a spoon!

    (I’m a brand new reader, as of today! Hello!)


    • Welcome!
      Thanks for checking out my blog.
      I adore dolsot bibimbap.
      And yes, it too is supposed to be eaten with a spoon.
      So dig in with that spoon and enjoy!

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