Turkey Takeover

Thank you Americans for celebrating thanksgiving!

And thank you my American friends here in Korea for letting me crash your party.

With one big turkey and the motivation to create a thanksgiving dinner with a two burner stove top, a microwave and a toaster oven; this thanksgiving away from home was a success.  You would be surprised at what one can make with such little resources on hand.  Everyone pulled together and lent a helping hand and the end result was a delicious meal that transported us back to home for a couple of hours.

Here’s our little spread that we all devoured.

Turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach (first time eating this; it’s definitely an American thing…I prefer mine fresh) spinach salad,  butternut squash quiche, cranberry etc.

My eats

For someone who does not eat meat 98% of the time, I caved and ate turkey.  And it was good!  A good choice on my part that I do not regret; thank you turkey 🙂 Now back to my non-meat eating ways; I got my fix.

Adrian happily digesting like a king.

Isn’t this chair randomly huge?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Stay tuned for my new lunch obsession; it’s a goodie!




10 thoughts on “Turkey Takeover

  1. Ok, so curious! How DID you manage to cook the turkey?? Now I want you to come to Alaska for a Thanksgiving! So much fun!! My sweet potato pie is the bomb!! So happy with it! I should give you the recipe!

    Can’t wait to hear about this lunch obsession!

    • I choose not to eat meat for health and most ethical reasons. I have read far too many books
      on the meat industry and the poor treatment of animals that it was something that I no longer
      wanted to support. Especially living here in Korea, I have no idea where the meat is coming from.
      I think it’s a different story if it’s from a local farmer that properly raises and feeds their animals.

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