Time for Lunch

I love lunch.

I think lunch is an often overlooked meal and fan favorites like breakfast and dinner are always in the spotlight.  This travesty must change 😉

In comparison to the other meals of the day, I am the most hungry come lunch time.  This is probably because breakfast has fueled me and got my metabolism revving, so come 11:30 or so, I am in desperate need of a lunch break.  At school I eat lunch at 12:30; on the weekends I have more freedom.

I take extra care with my lunches on the weekend as it’s the only time that I get to choose what want to eat for lunch, as I am freed from school cafeteria fare.  This weekend I created my latest food obsession.  Don’t you love it when you randomly stumble across something delicious?

I don’t even know what I should call this creation…if you can think of a great name send it my way.

Let’s start with Saturday; the birth of a new meal.

I looked into my fridge and discovered a leftover mix of brown rice and barley.  I knew I wanted something that involved eggs and sweet potatoes, so I made this.

The bottom layer consists of two beaten eggs whites (with a splash of water, hot sauce and S & P) along with the brown rice and barley.  Put both in the pan like you were going to make fried rice, but leave the pan alone and let it cook together like a very thin omlette.

Toppings included sweet potato, squash and salsa.

Now this may not seem extra special in any way, but I can promise you that it is delicious.  It is great because is packs a lot of protein from the eggs and your tum is filled with fueling carbs from the squash, potatoes and rice mix.  What better way to energize your body for the rest of your day?

Now for round 2: Sunday lunch.

I knew I needed to have this baby again, but I figured I should take my original idea and spice it up a bit…I just added in a few extra things.

Additions included diced onion, shredded carrot and torn spinach mushed into the base while it was cooking. The toppings were repeated.

I would have to say the second version looks a lot more appealing with more colour from the spinach and carrot, but both tasted great.

I will be craving this for lunch all week until I can eat it again on Saturday.  For now I will survive on school lunches.

So make your lunch important and give this meal the credit that it deserves 🙂


Onto other things non-food related…

I started to decorate my apartment yesterday.  With the resources that I have on hand, I have to be quite creative when it comes to Christmas decor.  Over the years stores in Korea have started to sell Christmas stuff, but the holiday in general is not really celebrated.  So with that in mind, here in my Christmas tree…

Can I even call this a Christmas tree? I don’t know. But it will have to do.  I was able to find some small lights and decorative balls to string into my hydrangea plant. Hey, it’s better than nothing 🙂

I still cannot believe that it is almost December…where does the time go?

Take Care.

Have a great start to your week.





7 thoughts on “Time for Lunch

  1. Hmm, your barley pancake looks good. I will have to try that. Though, I have to admit, I no longer have barley around my house…

    I LOVE that the plant I gave you is being used as your Christmas tree!! SO COOL! It reminds me of my first Christmas away from home. Our tree was a small spruce, with little blue balls. Different, but totally the same!!

    Miss you! I did a long run today in the snow. It was hard. The only thing that kept me going was trying to figure out a name for my blog! I think I’m getting closer!

  2. Your lunch is so creative, and I’m sure it tasted delicious! For a moment, before I read the text, I was sure the torn spinach in the second batch was seaweed. 🙂

    I love your creative Christmas Hydrangea – it’s pretty and unique. 🙂

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