Weekend Highlights

Weekend was great and am sad to see it go 😦

Here are some of its highlights:

1. New flavor of the month from Baskin Robbins.

I squeal in delight at the start of each month for the unveiling of Baskin Robbins new monthly flavor. (I take joy in the little things in life!).  Some months are sub-par, but December did not disappoint.  Welcome Santa’s Cookie Crunch. Loaded with cookie pieces and chocolate, this flavor rocked!

Baskin Robbins, you will see me again very soon 🙂

2. Our First Korean Wedding.

We got a little gussied up and ventured out to take part in the unknown.

Adrian is usually a smiler; I think he was trying to be macho or something.

Koreans still do preform a traditional Korean ceremony, but for the most part, and the biggest part, their weddings somewhat mirror a North American wedding….well, sort of.

It’s like a very very expensive version of a Las Vegas wedding.  It’s in a huge wedding hall, with tons of people, where one ceremony is preformed after the other, which means that there is another family waiting for yours to finish and theirs to start.  Everything is very elaborate, but very rushed and impersonal.

We first walked into a little room where the bride sits on a pedestal.  People greet the bride and get their picture taken with her.

She sits their until the ceremony begins.

Then we made our way into the wedding hall.

Spot lights and multi-coloured lighting.

We did not understand the words in the ceremony (as our Korean is not that fluent), but it was still nice.

After the ceremony concluded we got ushered into the banquet hall where lunch was served.  A ginormous buffet was presented for us to enjoy.  The weird thing is that you share the banquet hall with all the other weddings that have also occurred (hence the impersonality of it all). Regardless of that fact, the food was great and was much enjoyed.

So it was a very different wedding experience.  It was fun to be able to take part in it.  I just wish that Korean’s would retain more of their own culture in their weddings and less of the “American ideal.”

3. The new Narnia movie in 3D

Love the Narnia series.  I think I liked this one better than the second.  We actually had the opportunity to see it in 4D…have you ever heard of this?  Moving seats, smell-o-vision, mist, 3D glasses etc. Crazy eh? We opted out as the tickets were around 16$ each…3D was good enough for us.

4. Yummy Salads and  Dessert Parfaits.

Need I say more?

Apples, cooked on the stove-top, with lemon, juice, cinnamon, sugar and raisins.  Vanilla ice cream on the bottom, apple mixture and toasted walnuts on the top.  Divine!

Hope you all had lovely weekends.

What were some of your weekend highlights.

Take Care,



12 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights

  1. Flavour of the month= yum!!

    You guys look so good! It’s cool to get a glimpse into what a wedding is like in Korea. I can’t believe you share a banquet hall with the other weddings- weird!

    I loooove the Narnia movies, can’t wait to see this one. 4D sounds crazy!

    • Yeah, there is a traditional Korean wedding ceremony.
      It has sort of been put to the wayside though. Only family
      take part in that. I just wish that there was more of their
      own culture infused into the wedding…it’s sorta sad for them to throw
      their own traditions away for something they see as better.

  2. what a breatiful bride and a beautiful wedding. I’ve only been to a Japanese wedding and I have to say they are so intricate and unique. Glad you guys had a good time.

  3. I’m finding it really ironic that you have a Baskin Robbins closer by than I do! There was one not far from my house when I was a kid but now it’s been ages since I’ve even seen a Baskin Robbins. I’m jealous, that ice cream flavor sounds delish!

    • Ha!
      That is sorta funny.
      And weirdly enough, it’s a lot cheaper here.
      For a large sized cone it’s about $2.50.
      That’s how a justify going there probably once a week 😉

  4. What a gorgeous wedding! Wow!

    You had quite the full and fun weekend! Before finding out dairy kills me 😉 I used to love the BR’s ice cream and Peanut Butter chocolate is my fave! Mmmm salty and sweet….

    Love 3D movies they are so much better than regular ones 🙂


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  6. I loved reading about the wedding! The picture with the bride looked a bit awkward, how you guys had to squat. It’s kind of funny to think that hundreds of people have this same awkward photo!
    I only went to one wedding during the year I lived in Peru and it was a very small wedding between an American and a Peruano. There were definitely some Peruvian traditions though, like we all had to dance with the bride or groom!

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