Tropical Oats

Are you freezing cold when you wake up in the morning?

Are you secretly longing that you were lying on a hot beach somewhere?

Well have I got a fix for you.

Close your eyes and imagine a steaming hot bowl of oats infused with delicious tropical flavors that will transport you to the picturesque island of your dreams…well maybe not exactly, but it comes pretty close.  Think of this as a cheap tropical eating adventure.

This tropical bowl of goodness was filled with chopped pineapple, banana, apple (not tropical, just good), raisins, cinnamon, a sploosh of coconut milk and ground flax.  Simply divine.

Pair that with a fresh french press cup of cofffee and you are good to go.

After work I came home and did a quick workout and assembled some leftovers for dinner.  Man, I love leftovers.

Last Sunday afternoon, when I get together with some friends and teach them some new recipes, we made lentil walnut burgers.  As a result of this, I had some yummy burgers to use up.  I put them into a baguette and grilled up some sammies in the pan.  Super yum.

Served alongside some pan-fried balsamic honey glazed sweet potatoes/potatoes and salad.

And for dessert, Adrian may or may not have gone back to Baskins Robbins to get us another tasting of the new flavor 😉  When he offered I simply couldn’t resist…it’s just too good!

So I only waited two days…oh well!!

Have a super night.



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