A Weekend of Eats

Sorry that I have been quite elusive as of late.  No excuse really.  I have just been uninspired.

All of your blogs are quite inspiring, I still read them daily, but sometimes I just lack that inner spark in myself…  The light bulb just doesn’t go off.  Although my blogging brain has been a bit down in the dumps, my stomach hasn’t been.

Here are some of my favs that I consumed over the weekend, in no particular order.

Tofu Bean Burritos

Gingerbread Bagel (yes, gingerbread!) with PB,J and Sliced Bananas

Oats with apple, banana, raisins; topped with Kashi-Go lean…Crunch!

Look at the crunchy goodness!

Leftover chili = Sloppy Joes.

I can’t remember the last time I had one of these.  Quite Yum!

Sloppy goodness 🙂

Flourless Oatmeal Pancakes; topped with PB, J and sliced bananas

A steaming pile o’ cakes.


Ketchup with a veggie omelette sweet potato side 😉

Any excuse to have some ketchup.

Happy Pre-Christmas week my friends.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face each day.

Love C




11 thoughts on “A Weekend of Eats

  1. wow, these dishes definitely inspired me to grab a fork! haha. I love the sloppy joes, such a good memory of my childhood!
    Hope you have a great christmas overseas. I’m sure it will be a great experience!

    • Thanks!
      We are trying our best to make our Christmas here special.
      It’s nice to have a group of friends to connect with…a good
      substitute for family when you are far away.

  2. Beautiful food!! I’m having trouble making myself post as well….not that I have been slacking on my Christmas baking!!

    That ketchup comment made me laugh. Yesterday at work I ordered ketchup with a side of hashbrowns….lol!

  3. I feel you Cara! Sometimes I just don’t feel like blogging, so I don’t blame you. It’s nice taking a break! For whatever reason I’ve been craving wraps lately so that was what really stood out to me! Everything looks tasty 🙂

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