*Merry Christmas from Korea*

Merry Christmas my beautiful friends and family!

I hope that you have all been having a wonderful Christmas weekend.

We have had a lovely Christmas here in Gwangju, South Korea.  We were even blessed with a white Christmas, which is a pretty big deal here.  Although it has been hard to be away from our families, we embraced our situation and made our own special Christmas.  Homesickness attacks me a lot this time of the year, so we made sure to keep a lot of our families traditions alive and chatted a lot on skype. Thank goodness for skype!

We opened our stockings and presents in the morning and had a yummy Christmas brunch.

After breakie we headed out to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.  We wrapped ourselves up in our scarves and new Christmas mittens and walked up a little hill near our apartment.

We stopped in the park and had a play on the outdoor workout equipment.  Tee hee!

Nothing like a little elliptical action to help with digestion.

At a little pagoda on the top of the hill.  This area overlooks our little town.

Christmas mittens! Showing our Canadian spirit.

Our Christmas feast.  So Good! The star of this show was the pork tenderloin with balsamic cranberry sauce.  Delish.  I could have eaten the sauce straight right out of the bowl, it was that good! (recipe)

I may or may not have licked my plate clean?!

Merry Christmas from me to you!

I hope that you all have been blessed greatly this holiday season.



8 thoughts on “*Merry Christmas from Korea*

  1. Hope you had a great Christmas 🙂 I remember that I was really homesick when I was in Italy so I Can totally relate. Looks like you had fun! I love this mittens…where can I get a pair?!

    • I am not sure where my Mom got the mittens;
      she sent them in the mail to us.
      They are to raise money in support of Canadian athletes I think.
      I love them!

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