Cranberry Oats, I love thee!

Do you have any leftover cranberry in your fridge from Christmas?

Well if you are as lucky as me you do!  I love cranberry.  Although I prefer the made from scratch version, real cranberries are hard to come by here in Korea,  so canned it had to be.  I only used about a third of a can for out Christmas dinner, which left me with lots extra to enjoy.

If you want to give your morning oats a new kick, toss in some cranberry.  It will seriously rock your world! I still added the usual banana for sweetness, along with the tart cranberry, it made the perfect combination.

So tomorrow morning, reach to the back of your fridge and grab out that leftover cranberry that may be destined to go moldy and toss it into your beloved oats. The cranberry my friends, will not disappoint.

It even makes your oats a pretty shade of pink.  How could you not like that?!

I have a pretty chill week this week at work, which is great.  It is the last week of classes before the students go on winter break.  The semesters here work a little different in that their winter break is more like a North American school’s summer break.  The students are all finished their exams and will not return to school until March.  I teach a couple easy weeks of English camps and then it is off to the Philippines for me!  So pumped for that!

I used up all my Christmas dinner leftovers on Boxing day, so tonight’s dinner was a new creation.  I was in a comforting soup mood and was inspired by Faith’s Chicken and Dumpling Soup and decided to whip up my own.  My dumplings did not turn out as good as hers, but they were still edible.  I find that dumplings and anything pastry oriented can have a mind of their own sometimes.  The soup was fabulous though.  Tons of great flavor.

For those of you still on holidays, I hope that you are having a relaxing and rejuvenating time.  Stay in your PJs, be lazy, cause that’s what holidays are for.  Unfortunately, they will be over before you know it, so take advantage of it while you can!

Take good care,



11 thoughts on “Cranberry Oats, I love thee!

  1. I like that school schedule much better. When we lived in hawaii that how it ran. LOVELY! And I need to make these dumplings. The trick is doing it gluten free. I bet it will work, right?

  2. Mmm… the chicken and dumplings look great! I need to make something like that soon. It’s the perfect weather for it here. I work today and tomorrow, but then have a 4 day weekend for the New Year holiday. I see a lot of kitchen time in my future!


  3. Oooh I love adding new things to my oatmeal. I’m not much of a cranberry person normally, but I’ll try anything once! 🙂 I do love the pink coloring, though! I love when I add strawberry jelly to my oats and they turn all pretty pink. *grins*

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