Showered in Kimchi

No, I did not take a shower with kimchi! Though Korean’s have an obscene obsession with the stuff, they have not started bathing themselves in it. Though, maybe the fermentedness of it could be good for the skin? Who knows.

At any rate, I have been blessed with a glorious bag of homemade kimchi.  Adrian’s co-teacher made a big batch on the weekend with her mother and we reaped the benefits of it.  This ginormous bag of spicy fermented cabbage may not appeal to all, but let me tell you, it is fabulous.

You can not truly appreciate the goodness of kimchi until you live and breath it in Korea.  When I first arrived in Korea I was a little hesitant, but now I crave it every day.  (I am sure Sophia can especially appreciate this)

So what to do with an extremely large bag of kimchi?  you may ask.  Well, there are tons of things.  You can makes soups, stews, fried rice etc., but today  I just wanted to enjoy it for what it was and eat it as a side dish; how it is most commonly enjoyed on a daily basis.

Bibimbap was on the menu.

So I cut up all my veggies.

And seasoned dried seaweed.

I cooked up my rice and quickly steamed the veggies in the pan and assembled it all together.  It is quite a simple meal to whip up and the result is always very pleasing.



More mix (if you ever see a Korean mixing their bibimbap, it’s serious business.  I swear they mix it for a good 3-4 mins or so)

Hello kimchi!

I feasted and I loved.

Bibimbap was great and the kimchi got an A+ in my books.

(All kimchi tastes very different depending on who makes it; some are more sweet, spicy, garlicky, gingery etc.)

Dessert was a 3 min microwave apple crisp.  Pretty tasty!

Have a fabulous one.

Take Care,



14 thoughts on “Showered in Kimchi

  1. OMG!! I wish I were there, your bibimbap looks amazing! I should get the recipe from you, for the next time I make it. There is definitely room for improvement (for myself!)
    Beautiful job!

  2. I second the request for a recipe of sorts! It looks delicious! I am craving healthy food and lots of veggies after too many sweets this past week.

    I was just sitting here thinking about taking my parents to out to dinner at our local Korean restaurant tomorrow night (they’ve never eaten Korean before), so I think you definitely sold me on the idea! I’ve got the craving now! 🙂


  3. Your bibimbap looks amazing! The first time I tried kimchi I was not a huge fan but now I love it! I enjoy making kimchi fried rice and kimchi soup. I have enver attempted making my own bibimbap but love it whenever I go to a Korean restaurant.

    • I guess it could be a little tangy?
      More spicy though. It’s a very hard thing to describe.
      The typical ingredient list is:
      -sugar (a lot of time people use apples and pears to give it a natural sweetness)
      -hot pepper flakes
      -fish sauce
      -white onion
      -green onions
      Maybe that give you a better idea 🙂

  4. My friend introduced me to a great Korean restaurant in Philadelphia where I had kimchi for the first time…I loved it! I’m sure it is even better in Korea! And your bibimbap looks so healthy and tasty.

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