3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and a new day here in Korea.

Happy New Years to you all.  I wish you all a fabulous year ahead.

It’s crazy how many things can change in a year.  I am really looking forward to this new one as it will bring me back to Canada, hopefully back to school and back with my family and friends.  I will tremendously miss Korea, but change and a new challenge is always welcome.  I am ready to dive into this new year and see where it takes me.

My day started out with this…

Microwaved cinnamon apples topped with Go-Lean crunch, flax and almonds.

I had a lovely relaxing morning filled with laundry (ok, not so lovely), yoga and blogging.  I have just started to give Jillian Michael’s Yoga meltdown a try.  I have only down it twice this far and am digging it.  It’s similar to power yoga; lots of movement, fast changes and long pose holds.  There are two levels on the dvd, both are fun and the time flys by.  I will definitely roll them into my weekly workout mix.

And then around lunch time I moved onto this…

My favorite weekend lunch.  A veggie omelette stuffed with some peppers, onions, leftover barley and hot sauce.  With a side of sweet potato. Mmmm!

A had a very very interesting afternoon, but I will save that story for another post.  I’ll just say now, that sometimes a language barrier and miscommunication, can result in a very funny and memorable experience.  Stay tuned for this tale.

We had a fun New Years Eve night with some friends. We grabbed some dinner and drinks and had a lovely time just shooting the breeze.  We went to this cute little Italian place in downtown Gwangju that had a cozy atmosphere and decent food.  Italian food can be quite hit or miss in Korea; this one was a little better than average.

As part of our meal we were served this soup to start.  How cute is it?  It’s like a this layer of puffed bread on the outside that you break into your bowl to enjoy with your soup.  A nice touch, I think.

As well as this interesting salad.

The main course was a calazone and a seafood pasta.  No, I did not eat  this all on my own.  It was a “couple’s set” that I shared with Adrian; all for $20 I might add, including drinks.

We went out for a couple of cocktails post-dinner and then headed home around 12:45.  I am such a grandma when it comes to staying up late.  I am just proud of myself that I made it to 12:00.  i would much rather be tucked in my cozy bed than be out late into the wee hours, but that’s just me 🙂

A great night shared with great friends.

I hope you are all having fantastic time ringing in the new year.




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